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Privateers is a nautical adventure game that tries to capture the fun of roguelikes, table top games, and action/turn based RPGs into a fun new experience. Sail around from island to island working your way through various events and encounters. Build up your crew and equip them with the unique loot that you plunder. The game is currently in pre-alpha and is changing dramatically between each release. Try the we builds online for free and give us your feedback! Try the latest build right now at PrivateersTheGame.com or read the dev blog at amindiedev.blogspot.com


The main theme of this build is creating a much larger variety of enemy types to fight against. There are a bunch of new enemies in this build but more importantly the framework has been put in to make adding more enemy types much faster in the future. So, we will continue to enrich this over the next few builds.

Privateers Alpha v0.22
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