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How it's made

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Hello Guys!

Here’s a room that I have been developing for Prisoner Tambo.

The only tools I need are Unity3d and MS Paint.

First, I need to plan the schema. See this image below:

Schema Example
4f 3

This is a room with two floors and the same proportion and space that I have in the 3d world. This schema shows me what I need to do in Unity, which really helps speed up the level design.

Properly planning a schema is necessary for a fun and challenging room.

After that, I need to create this in Unity. I have already done the floor scene, this will be just an additional room. As you can see, the first room is done:

First Room Scene

I like to see the room from above, this is the easiest way to start the level design.

Keep in mind when you have two floors in the same room, it can be really hard to have an idea of all that you need from above.

View from above

After that, I like to add walls to see the room limits.

The schema will be really important and if you notice that it is wrong, now is the time to change it.

When the empty room is completed, now it's time to start adding assets.

Room Assets

With everything properly placed, I need to configure the scripts of these assets. These scripts were made in such a way that level design would be easier.

In this room, these are the parameters to configure:

  • Terminal: commands, objects and Id.
  • Teleport pads: input and output.
  • Portal pads: input, output and camera output.


I make sure the object names have a logical relation to their purpose.

I first write the object name, then the number of the room, and finally, the order of the object with letters.

Examples: "Terminal3a", "Ball2b"

Name logic

Now the level should be done!

But keep in mind that a cycle of testing and bugfixing is still necessary.

I hope you guys enjoy this outline of my process.

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and download the Prisoner Tambo Demo.

See ya!

Web Site

Prisoner Tambo

Demo Update

Demo Update


We're proud to give you a new Demo! This is the version 0.3.1. We hope you enjoy it!

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Prisoner Tambo

Prisoner Tambo


This a Demo version. It is the build 0.4.0 and has four levels. Please drop a line about what do you think of this game!

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