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Rescue the King from of a bloodthirsty Dragon!

Get a beautiful Princess’ hand in marriage!

Use various equipment and artifacts!

Dodge from enemies attack and jump over the spikes!

Enjoy pixel retro stylistics!

Have you already done this before? Do it again!

PLPA is a dynamic platformer with a combo system and special strikes, there is also a bit of rogue-lite genre. The principal aim is to get through all floors of the Dark Tower and outfight the main antagonist a bloodthirsty Dragon. That’s not easy due to a instant death which is followed by a full castle structure regeneration.

First of all, success in the game depends on player’s skills, not on random. The player learns the game mechanics, operation of certain artifacts, items, skills and also behavior of enemies and bosses. The keynote of this gameplay is for a gamer to learn from mistakes and pump his own skills, but not only the protagonist’s ones.

The story is about an enamoured Young Man who dared to go and ask the King for his Daughter’s hand in marriage . But he is just a roturier and an Executioner is commanded to behead the young man. That very moment, a Dragon bursts into the castle and kidnaps the King. Our fearless hero rushes to the beast’s lair to outfiht it and prove that he is worthy of blessing. There are several game’s endings which depend on quantity of attempts and chosen routes (there is some branching in the structure of the castle so a gamer should to make a choice).

  • The main thing about the game is having fun! No farming and excessive complexity.A gamer will face lots of fun things, unusual situations, easter eggs and references to other games. Self-irony also takes place.
  • The total generation of location structure, objects, artifacts, traps, enemies and bosses.
  • 12 characters, different in performance and equipment.
  • Create equipment and pump it with stones, runes and enchantment.
  • Hidden features and events.
  • All of this and much more are seasoned by hurricane-like action with various strikes, skills and spells!

PLPA now in Steam GreenLight! We need your help;)


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Hello, friends!)
Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again has new update!
Now available new classes - Mage and Archer!
As well as new rooms, items, enemies, artifacts, skills, and more, more... Enjoy!


PLPA on Steam GreenLight! Please, support project now:




Demo-version now available!

Demo-version now available!


Try it now! Let's RocK! And votes on Steam GreenLight!

Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again on Steam GreenLight!

Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again on Steam GreenLight!


New dungeon-crawler platformer on Steam GreenLight! We needs your votes!

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