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PRESSURE combines a cleverly designed Steampunk-world with the fury of classic platform racing and shooting games. Filled with crazy characters, oddball humor and fuming boilers, players will race through striking environments as they attempt to take down the dark lord and spoil his sinister plot. A keen eye, fast reflexes and laser concentration are a must in order to maneuver through Pressure’s high octane world.

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The Hammerhead Bundle is the latest ferocious collection in Indie Royale’s on-going quest to bring you the hottest and most interesting indie games out there in the wilds of underground development.

This week’s bundle is worth in excess of $70 when purchased separately and brings together Primordia, Pressure, Forge, Richard and Alice and Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage.


Wadjet Eye’s Primordia is a modern adventure game set in a far distant future where humans are extinct and robots rule the world. Described by the magazine Games Master as “a throwback to the genre's glory days” this smart, philosophically minded journey sees you accompany Horatio Nullbuilt and his sarcastic helper Crispin as they attempt to fix their starship in order to leave the planet. With humorous, intelligent writing and a striking art style, Primordia offers an adventure everyone will want to chase through to its dizzying conclusion.
Primordia is available for Windows on Steam, DRM-free & Desura.


By combining an over-the-top arcade-style racing game with shoot ‘em up mechanics, Pressure is, as one critic put it, the “2D shooter evolved”. Set in a vibrant steampunk world, you play as Morgan, tasked with collecting and returning water to his river after it's been stolen for use in a "uber-spa" by the evil Count Soap II. Race through checkpoints destroying enemy vehicles in order to keep your ‘pressure’ gauge filled as you compete across 30 levels. A local and online multiplayer mode allows you to team up with others in this unique and comical blend of game styles.
Pressure is available for Windows on Steam, DRM-free & Desura.


Forge is an online, class based multiplayer shooter set in a distinct fantasy universe. Forge features only the best aspects of MMO and FPS class based combat to provide a multiplayer gameplay experience unlike anything you've played before. Armed with a set of powerful and unique abilities as well as a powerful and deadly ally, each warrior must overcome the varied challenges of Forge where every kill is a sacrifice and every sacrifice brings them one step closer to freedom.
Forge is available for Windows on Steam.

Richard and Alice

This minimalist tale of two prisoners trapped in an underground facility was described by Destructoid as “thoughtful, slow-burning [and] poignant.” Through a series of affecting conversations, the pair -- one of whom has been incarcerated for murder, the other for deserting the military -- open up about their backstories drawing one another, and the player, into their lives. At the heart of this often bleak, melancholic game lies an appealing warmth, one that stays with you long after the story is concluded.
Richard and Alice is available for Windows on DRM-free & Desura.

Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage

Take to the open road in Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage, a fast-paced 3D combat racing game that features a host of different vehicles, weapons, upgrades, on-track bonuses as well as distinctive and highly detailed environments. Start your career with a beginner’s performance vehicle and work your way up the rankings by earning money in a series of challenging races. Along with developing your driving and fighting skills, you must invest your hard-earned money wisely in order to maximise your chances on the track.
Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage is available for Windows on DRM-free Desura.

View interviews with some of the developers whose games we've have been featured in different Indie Royale bundles on our YouTube channel check in for the latest videos.

You can find more information on The Hammerhead Bundle, including real-time statistics and its current price, on its official website or via its Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages. As ever, the bundle is cheaper the sooner that you purchase its (unless, of course, some kind purchaser opts to lower the price for others) although there is tremendous value here whatever price you pay.

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The demo for Chasing Carrot's car combat game.


looks great checking this!

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Looks really good, was going to get it from the IndieRoyale but I'm saving up for Summer sales as well, maybe till then XD

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ишра гавно

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It looks really cool. Beautiful graphics:)

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