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You have been imprisoned without being told why. All you can hear is the faint ticking of a clock in your cell. That is, until the first of 5 fateful days begins.

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BrupcatBR says

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Presentable Liberty is a very deep, sad adventure abstract story focused experience game. Presentable Liberty is one of the few Indie games to get to the point of an masterpiece of story. of being actually deep and causing emotions, Presentable Liberty is an more likely Reading game. The game shows yet characters that we have not seen yet, but even though, you make so much connection with them. yet, you somehow care so much about them. Presentable Liberty is sure an masterpiece, but its for an target of people, not all people will end up liking the game because of the style and graphics. but that's not the case with me, Presentable Liberty, if played the first time without knowing anything, you will get suprised.

Graphics: 10
most of the people ignores it but its a very good graphics style, pixelated and all. not all people likes it but as i said, its for a target of people.

Gameplay: 10
confetti thing, i didn't really like it, but honestly it will light up you because of the deep things that happens in this game. but as its useless, i will ignore it. the games thing you may not pay attention but it sure is a thing to the story and all, pretty cool how its not just they will give the game right away and yeah they talk about it. now the games but they say about for example: "ITS NOT ALL ABOUT THE GAMES, ITS ABOUT YOUR HAPPINESS! -Happy Buddy" or something like that. but yeah, even though the gameplay there is not many, it sure is actually fun, because you don't read all the time, at least you have something else with you though.

Story: 10
do i need to say anything? the story is simply fantastic. there is a villan, it may not look to a few people but OHH BOY WHAT A BIG ************. Doctor Money. he is a ******* bastard. Charlotte, i won't even say anything. Salvadore, what a good friend, and the little bug. <3 little bug

Last Appeal: 10
if we compare to other indie games in this style, we would get days or mounths to end it, this one takes one hour, and is already very sadisfying. it looks you past so much time but its one hour. in-game saying, its not even one hour of game, its a few minutes of gameplay, but in real life, its more likely you will get 1 hour to end the game as most of the people.

Overall: 10/10

Presentable Liberty is a masterpiece, its not perfect of course, there is one error. its not a error but its the only thing i actually disliked. but it can be ignored anyway, as its not really useful. Its been a long time since a game was this good, a indie game specially, Presentable Liberty is an amazing experience, also the game is free, what you're waiting for? Play it. if this game costed money, it was worth it all. it was going to be a MUST BUY. im not very good at reviews so this review may SUCK. but anyway...


HeavySin says

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