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Power Of Defense provides a new strategy and defense mix game experience. Defend your world from upoming evil and oil-smelling robots. They come from the platform between both parallel universes you have to fight on by producing own robots to send them back to their native world. You as the last hero on earth and the only one your government could find (and pay), only you can save the world.

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At last we released our first patch for Power of Defense.
We changed a lot of things and added new content. Let me give you an small overview:

Key features:
- Balance renewed
- New Levels with double bridges and traps
- Multiplayer improved
- Highscores improved
- GUI improved
- Localization improved
- Performance improved
- Bugfixes

Additional Features for Steam Version:
- New Achievements

About Game balance
How can we define the best possible balance for an unknown game genre? Is it tower defense or strategy or both? We do not know the answer but we did our best to setup a good balance for Power of Defense. As this is our first update you can still help us to improve it. We would love to hear from you.

So, what did we change? Mainly we have changed the number of robots player can equip in a given time. In PoD 1.0 all robots have been released at the beginning of a match. Player could equip as much robots as he had credits to pay for. By spamming the opponent you could win the match because new robots did follow whenever you have released your equipped robots. By spamming I mean to build one cheapest robot after another. This is not possible anymore.

In PoD 1.1 robots come time-displaced one after another. When the match begins you have only one robot to equip and release. After some time (~10 seconds) next robot will follow. More often than not you will have more credits to give away than robots to equip. Therefore you can buy more upgrades, special robots and you have to think how to combine them better or when to release them. Also you do not have to click on base building when you want to release next robot. An equipped robot will be released automatically.

We also changed the AI of Power of Defense. What can I say? It could become very difficult... try it out. :-)

About New Levels
We have added new levels with double bridges and traps for single- and multiplayer. With double bridges you have the possibility to choose your way to opponent's base between two bridges. You can either send your robots to the same bridge your opponent's robots currently are or you can try to avoid them. But mind that when avoiding opponent's robots you will experience a lot of trouble when they reach your base. So, it is up to you to choose the right strategy. We have added 9 new bonus singleplayer levels and 7 multiplayer levels.

About Multiplayer
In PoD 1.0 you have to wait in Lobby until another player connects to you. This is very unpleasant and you will lose patience after a certain time. Now you do not have to wait anymore for other players, just let the game search for you while you are playing singleplayer mode (or do something else). Also you can set up allowed robot types and how many robots you have to pass through portal in multiplayer mode. You can now chat in multiplayer mode when you press "Return" button.

Other Improvements And Changes
We also changed and improved other things.
- Player can now see its current rank in highscores, not only the top 10.
- GUI has been completely rewritten, but we did not change the design.
- English localization has been rewritten by a good English speaking dude. We would like to thank you Alexander Haeringer!
- The Performance has been increased by 30%.
- User Data will not be saved in XML file anymore, now it saved in the registry to avoid long loading times.
- We removed a lot of bugs, but I am sure we could not find all of them. Therefore we need your help to find out the last bugs of PoD.

Download Update of Power of Defense 1.1:

Download new Demo version of Power of Defense 1.1:

Unity giveaway contest finalists!

Unity giveaway contest finalists!

News 32 comments

A few weeks ago IndieDB launched and with the help of our friends over at Unity 3D we ran a competition to give away a Unity Pro and a Unity iPhone licence...

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Power Of Defense Demo (Mac)

Power Of Defense Demo (Mac)

Demo 1 comment

Official Demo of Power Of Defense v.1.1 for Mac OS X.

Power Of Defense Demo (Win32)

Power Of Defense Demo (Win32)

Demo 1 comment

Official Demo of Power Of Defense v.1.1 for Win32.

wilbefast - - 76 comments

Any chance of a Linux version?

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susdorf Creator
susdorf - - 2 comments

Sorry, but linux is not supported by the Unity engine. But you can use Wine to run the game. I have tested it once successfully, but it only worked on a NVIDIA card. Perhaps it would run on other cards. Try it out. Unfortunately there is no guarantee...

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