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Portal Mortal is a bloody 2D hardcore platformer! Make your way through the levels using precise movement and experimental device in your hands, which acts as a teleporter. Available for Windows and Linux!

Post news RSS Version 0.7.1 - Just a phase before the next one

This build is full of little fixes, QoL improvements and placeholder replacements. Modding support now goes over custom music files. Currently the most notable (visual) issue is with hats, but that'll be fixed during the upcoming months.

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Portal Mortal - Version 0.7.1

Some changes in this build are:

  • Added feedback when changing volume.
  • Added "Play once" option to animated tiles.
  • Added new block: Notebook. You can leave comments on levels and they'll appear in edit mode.
  • Added option to choose "safe zone" for vertical elevators.
  • Changed flowers from instances to particles.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple end of level triggers could skip the whole next level during multiplayer.
  • Fixed issue with fonts when size of the screen was changed.
  • Fixed an issue with doors where they wouldn't correctly show opening/closing animation.
  • Fixed an issue where player could accidentally place a block when releasing a space during edit mode.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause game to crash when cleaning blood from surfaces.
  • Fixed an issue where view would remain zoomed in when window size was being reduced drastically.
  • Forced host to reload current level to avoid state desyncs.
  • Improved first time setup screen.
  • Music is now directly loaded from "music" folder based on theme configs.
  • When main player's gamepad is disconnected during singleplayer, it'll pause the game.

Read "README!.txt" for more patch notes!


These screenshots are from upcoming themes/worlds which are not included as part of the game, yet:

What's next?

There's some stuff I had to disable in order to push this one out. I'm in progress of reworking lighting and adding rest of the bosses.

Yet again, this one should bring Portal Mortal closer to be even more stable than it previously was. By stable I mean less crashes and less headache with controls.

As stated in a title, this is "just a phase", thus I'm only releasing Windows version. Linux is and should be working, in theory, but there's some background problems I haven't been able to investigate, yet. Anyway, that'll come later on when the things are looking better.

My next goal is to aim towards version 0.8.0, which, in theory, should mark the end of new blocks, bosses and all that. It should be a version that only needs careful polishing as well as intro & outro + credits. After that, in theory yet again, the game should be ready for a release.

Then there's Steam integration ahead of me. If nothing else, at least adding achievements should do the trick. I'll be investigating other possible options as well, like workshop support! That would save me some bandwidth of my own.

Summa summarum: 0.8.0 (or 0.8.x) is probably the last public version I'll be releasing. After that, the project will go dark and emerge only when the release date is known.

Reddit: Reddit.com
Website: Portalmortal.net
Twitter: Twitter.com
Discord: Discordapp.com

Portal Mortal - Beta 0.7.1 (Windows only)

Not currently available

Not currently available

Meanwhile, please, do enjoy!

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