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Polygon Storm is fast-paced, minimalistic, arcade action in short doses; featuring a kickass soundtrack by the renowned chiptune artist, ABSRDST. The premise of the game is simple: stay alive and race for the highest score through varying game modes. Difficulty levels range from easy (for a calming, zen-like experience), to chaos (for absolute madness). The one catch, is that you begin playing the game with nearly a blank slate. Playing the game awards the player with permanent points towards unlocking in-game features. By acquiring these points, the game slowly begins to come together. The player can unlock new sounds, music, graphics, special effects, menus, modes, difficulties, and more. It puts the player in to a living timeline of the game's development. Although they are not making the game themselves, they can feel similar rewards to how video games are incrementally created today. It is not just a matter of time and reward, but an homage to video game developers as a whole.

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A very straightforward game with a lot of variety. I really like how the game appeared to evolve the more you play it, starting silent with very basic shapes to unlocking sound effects, music, GUI features to shapes and colours.

Only issues are that the game is a bit too simplistic, maybe later on you could have power ups that either help or hinder your gameplay with speed adjustment or size.

Otherwise, a decent game to own.


Dull game, found about 2 minutes of enjoyment with it. Reminds me of a game a kid makes from one of those "How to make video games" project books.

I love this game! So fun.

This game requires Java. Desura store page does not list it in system requirements. I'm very disappointed.

This score should not be used to judge the quality of the game itself, only the fact that it requires that awful, bug-filled, security-hole-ridden, piece of crud Java to run.


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I only downloaded this game an hour ago and it's already extremely addicting. A really fun/frustrating/awesome game that anyone would enjoy.

The only things that aren't there (yet at least, I haven't finished the game.) that would be useful are:
1. Ability to toggle certain unlocks, such as powerups or the speed trail, (although personally I think the speed trail helps a lot) off.
2. Ability to change the resolution of the game or just the ability to make the game fullscreen.

So yeah, great job GlassKnuckle!


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