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Pokémon: Generations is a 3D Action/Adventure/RPG heavily inspired by both the Pokemon Anime & the Pokemon Video Games.

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ShugoKite says

112 agree - 5 disagree

It's 3D Pokémon with real time battles. Who hasn't been waiting for something this amazing?


Cruellyricisti says

76 agree - 1 disagree

I must say, the art style your team has gotten spot on. The environment, Pokemon models, all of it. Perfect. The real challenge, in my opinion, is in if you're able to make this world feel alive. Which is the key difference between the original Gameboy games, and the television series. Will the Pokemon have personalities?

Will I see a group of Spearow flying overhead in a delta formation, led by a Fearow? Streams full of Magikarp, swimming in schools? Herds of Miltank roaming the grasslands? Will this one be brave, and that one cowardly? If Wartortle is my favorite, can he hang outside of his Pokeball for a few? Can I walk my Growlithe? Can I have my Ivysaur Vinewhip, and hold on to that Onix, while my Feroligator finishes him off with a Hydrobeam?

What about unconventional moves? Pidgeyotto flap up a Whirlwind, Cyndaquil, fill that Whirlwind with fire and let's finish off this grass queen. Are they able to acknowledge each other, or are they completely oblivious of one another? So many questions, I know. You've decided to take on a much loved, and fondly remembered, childhood pass time. Do it justice, the way Nintendo hasn't bothered to.


obi_nation says

61 agree - 4 disagree

This game is amazing why hasnt nintedo made this


grandmasta70 says

46 agree

this is a really good pokemon game keep up the good work this is a dream that comes out! ;)


fuuryy says

46 agree



HugoTull says

41 agree - 2 disagree

Amazing! Finally a real pokemon game


AjdinF says

36 agree

amazing, no other words


Pokemongenerations says

36 agree - 1 disagree



lalor29123 says

32 agree

Amazing game, the graphics are great, the creative ideas are so cool the work done so far is unbelievable in such a short space of time. I have always wanted a game like this and the makers are taking on public ideas and criticism if they are able, it's a perfect game :D


billyjr23 says

28 agree

it's a ******* awesome man i licked so mutch XP