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Pokemon Adventures Online is an online 3D MMO. You start off as a trainer in Pallet Town and work your way through the Kanto Region. Our first release will include all of the Kanto region, and most of the first 150 Pokemon.

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Applying for Stress Test (9/4/15) (Games : Pokemon Adventures Online (FraccasGames) : Forum : Stress Test : Applying for Stress Test (9/4/15)) Locked
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Aug 20 2015 Anchor

Hello all!

As many of you know, we will have our first alpha test on Sept 4th, 2015. In order to be a part of this test you will need to apply here.


  • This game is still pre-alpha. We are stilling working towards finishing core game mechanics, and adding additional content such as Pokemon and towns.
  • This is a stress test. Our primary goal is to see how the server performs under different levels of traffic on the server.
  • There will be bugs. The secondary goal is to find bugs and report them here on the forums. This is very important.
  • We are looking for feedback. We want to know what you think about the game, but keep in mind we are very early in the dev process.
  • We are looking for active community members. We want to include active members into the development of this game. The most active members will be included on future alpha tests and events. If you have feedback, ideas, or other comments post them in the forums.
  • You will need to use your forum account name as your PAO account name for the stress test.

In order to apply please read the terms above, then start a new topic with your name then application (ex. "Fraccas Application") under Stress Test, and copy/paste the application into your post and fill it out. This will be required to partake in the stress test.

Speak English:

When is the stress test?
What is the primary goal of the stress test?
What is the secondary goal of the stress test?
What should you do if you find a bug?
Is this game complete?
Where should you post feedback, ideas, or other comments?
What will your PAO account name be?

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