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Plunker is a short, and heavily comedy based indie VR game based on exploring for easter eggs and extremely goofy interactions with the world around you. The player investigates suspicious scenes, trying to find anything out of order. You can expect to be strung along by jokes, replayable VR minigames/puzzles with unique mechanics, and a surreal, sometimes nonsensical story. Plunker was made by one person while streaming live on Twitch.tv and also working a full 40+ hours a week for a good portion of the last three years. All of the art, all of the code, all of the ideas, all of the testing. At the end of it you've got 45~90 minutes of playtime.

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I don't quite remember when I uploaded Plunker to IndieDB, but I have to admit that I don't intend to keep this updated unless it gets traffic. I've uploaded some content and there is also outdated content here. For the most up to date content check the Steam page and my Website.

Earlier this year I finished setting up the website, and Steam, I've been posting on Instagram, so there are a lot of places you can find more info and I hope you would find it there instead of me trying to keep up with yet another site.

That being said, look forward to Plunker releasing by the end of March 2020!

First post

First post


This is just a first post to start explaining what I'm doing here.

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