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Planet Invasion will be the next game in the Invasion series. It relies on the same semi turn based mechanics on a tile map but heads to a sci-fi setting. Idea is to take the best parts of the classical Master of Orion and Star Control games and simplify them to a format suitable to smart phones and tablets. In the game you can

  • Explore the space for new planets to conquer
  • Upgrade your planets to fuel depots to explore further, mines to get resources, colonies to produce research & money and starbases to build ships
  • Build more space ships with lasers, missiles and radiation beam weapons
  • Research new technologies to explore further and make your weapons more powerful
  • Attack and conquer enemy bases
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We'd like to invite all IndieDb/SlideDb Android users to an open alpha test with Planet Invasion. This version core feature complete in the sense that all main gameplay elements are playable:

  • Exploration of map and conquering new worlds
  • Combat between ships
  • Building new ships with different sizes and weapons
  • Researching new technologies

What is missing is the mid/end game, i.e. the difficulty does not really ramp up and there is no ending. Also the gameplay balance is really a first attempt and there can some rough corners overall.
We are looking for any and all feedback, please post them back here! Intentionally there are no clues or instructions and we'd like to hear

  • Was it understandable, did you get stuck?
  • Any crashes, technical issues?
  • Was it too easy/hard?
  • Anything frustrating?

Download Planet Invasion Alpha v1 for Android

Development update March

Development update March


Things are starting to take shape: planet upgrades work, the core research tree is there and producing research and money works. Latest feature is building...

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