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Pitman is a turn-based rogue-like with boardgame style. Everything you desire is inside the randomized dungeons: Dwarfs, trolls, golems, treasures, potions, magic, hammer, bow, much more weapons, ... and don't forget the monster moles and pretzels!

Gn0meSlice says

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This game is addicting, and better than the sum of its parts.

The selection of music may seem odd at first, but each of the tracks suit the game pretty well, and the seemingly simple graphics are supplemented well by nice lighting effects. The turn-based combat is nothing more than 'attack or run', forcing you to plan your engagements so that you have the environmental advantage over large groups of enemies.

Exploring the dungeons is easily the most rewarding part of the game for me, and I find that I'm addicted to revealing tiles and dungeon layouts just to see what's in the next space.

There's loads of items to pick up, but the Pitman's inventory is debilitatingly limited unless you put your first few upgrade points into strength.

The only real problem I see with this game is the difficulty. For the most part, you'll find that you can discover enough weapons and healing wells to make your way through the first few dungeons fairly easily, but due to the random nature of the game, you'll sometimes get wiped out after your first or second reveal of a new dungeon floor, which can be frustrating. There's not much you can do if you happen to reveal a tile with one or two extremely powerful enemies in it. This chance does add to the gameplay because it teaches you to prepare for the worst, but sometimes there's only so much you can do, and you're doomed.

Anyway, this is a great little casual dungeon crawler, and very addicting. Good price too. Recommended.

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Nice little game, and there's more to it than you might have expected from the screens or the demo. Tilesets, enemies, items and spells vary quite a lot and the trickier later levels and more advanced spells (no spoilers) allow some interesting tactical twists. A little more polish wouldn't hurt, however. While the tiles, lighting, most sounds and especially the music are all fine, the characters and mobs could do with a little more detail. The lack of any character animation and the minimalistic…

Feb 6 2012 by Dhakczak