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Pitch Moon is a top down 2D mutiplayer shooter. It's simple Last Man Standing gameplay with a special twist.

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Introducing Pitch Moon


Hey guys,

This is Pitch Moon !

Pitch Moon is an experimental idea I’ve had a time ago.
Let me explain, it’s a Last Man Standing fighting game. That’s simple, but the twist about it is you can’t see your opponents, because of the darkness. You have to look for them and kill them when they come close enough. Ahhh, and by the way ! You can kill yourself with your own laser … so beware ! Best is to stand still when you shoot …

The game is experimental and in alpha, because I don’t know if this idea is fun to play.
It’s made for LAN multiplayer, but you can also run it across the internet, just typ in the IP you want connect to in the main menu (like in Minecraft).

To connect to a PC in your LAN (just in case you don’t know), you need to type in the LAN IP of it.

I’m made the game to get hands on the new networking API from Unity 5.1 (Unet)

Port: 2535 UDP

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