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The world is in ruins, as resources have slowly depleted, technology has improved causing the planet to force people into cities which left 80% of the world un-inhabitable. Power and Currency remains the same, if you can afford it or know the right people, you lived a happy and healthy life, for those that don’t are on their own to make a living anyway they can. Due to technological advances, automobile racing was replaced with hover powered aircraft vehicles. Although due to the cost and support from sponsors only the citizens in the “upper class” can afford and participate in these races. However this does not stop the lower class citizens who can’t afford to race from doing it on the down low. Illegal racing has become a popular way to make quick money or in some cases a quick stop to your life. Dangerous and quick, using the banded world left behind outside the cities as race tracks. If you get noticed by the right people you may always get the chance to upgrade and move forward…

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Oorochimaru says

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Real fun enjoyed the art and level layout. And the fact you got to customize your vehicle. The concept and challenge was really thought out. Give it a thumbs up BRUZZ!


respawnplz says

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Very cool concept and reminds me of F-Zero, awesome work!


Avert says

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Very entertaining game, would suggest it to all Race game lovers such as ourselves! We like the story behind the game, not many racing games have a decent story.


JBrown05 says


SpaceAnt692 says

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