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Story Welcome to your new job Matt! We're glad to have you on the team! ... Nothing can go wrong if I'm a janitor right? ... Right? Have you ever heard of that old tv show Physica-E? Where kids compete in a contest to see who wins the grand prize? Its back, and coming live to you straight from JoyzTV! Of course, they say this is cursed because of the dissapearing winners, but at JoyzTV, we will do anything to bring a smile to your face! Ever wondered what happened to those kids? Find out in... Physica-e. Gameplay In this game you play as a janitor as a tv studio. You decide to investigate the studio when strange things start happening. Hallucinations, paranormal activity, and most of all, certain objects disobeying the laws of physics. You have to do your job by cleaning up, while avoiding the main antagonist. You will have to make certain choices that can continue the game or give you an ending right there on the spot. After playing this horror game, you'll never look at reali

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