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“Prepare to be Pestered, in a good way!" Pester is a vertical shoot em' up which blends the old school with the new creating a frantic and fun shooter experience. With over 100 combinations of play, a thumping techno soundtrack, 6 trophies to unlock and a unique old school-new school graphic style Pester is a game for both shooter enthusiasts and anyone up for a good challenge. ‘A’ Rating – “It grabs you and keeps you interested because it is a game that pulls you in and then chews you up along with a line from The Rock saying, “come get some” to which you will oblige.” - Video Game Attack 9/10 – “Overall, this is a really smart, well presented little game for both retro fans and shmup fans alike. My advice is to buy it now!” -Gamer Score Addicts 9/10 – “Pester is great for bringing the retro feel, I had so much fun playing this game” - The Overshield

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railslave says

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I've had this game a while, every now and then i come back, its those bosses. Coming back is testament to the staying power of Pester.
One day i will do it... like all the classic pc games of yore, this isn't a 20 minute/6 hour, but can span years !!
great game to mess about with :D
The arcade ambience(selectable) is absolute genius and fits the time pilot-esque visuals perfectly.


ZikZak says

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I never managed to launch the game.


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