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Exiled. Abandoned to fate in some God-forsaken land. The path you walk is a razors edge, where death awaits your first misstep. Enemies claw at you, gnashing their teeth or calling forth dark, demonic magics; at least one thing is certain: you will not go quietly, you will not die alone.

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I've been a fan of isometric ARPGs since the first Diablo release.

Path of Exile manages to simultaneously hit everything I've been looking for in an ARPG andthensome.

Everything from the Story, Gameplay, Itemization, and more pleases me greatly with this game.

At over 2000+ (two thousand plus) hours played, I feel I can safely say Path of Exile is at the top of my Top 10 Favorite PC Games of All Time list: among greats such as Daiblo 2, Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn, Wing Commander series, Age of Empires 2, and so on.


This is honestly one of the greatest games to ever be made. This is what Diablo 3 SHOULD have been. The absolutely enormous skill tree is amazing. You can build your character any way you want and still own. If you like Dungeon crawler rpgs like Diablo, Torchlight, and Fate...This game is for you. A+++


This is what Diablo 3 should have been. True to the old diablo mechanics, ALOT of customisation and skill tree options, great gear and psychotic drops most of the time, and no gold currency, gold can only be used for esthetic purposes. And you also get your own hideout with benches which u can upgrade your gear with. Also the storyline is good and there is plenty to do, many leagues with modifiers, some PVP, this is a very complete and compelling game!


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A great free to play Action RPG, with depth and feature rich content.
I'll keep popping into this game when i want a fresh experience.


The best game , its the first game i become addict for the good reason. nice gameplay nice craft system

it is slow to load but it is overall a great game!

because it's overrated


If you liked Diablo 1&2&3 you will love this game, especially that it is being played in multiplayer you can find a lot of people to play with and enjoy the game together.

You must try it out.


better than Diablo III and it's free :)


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