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A horror game with inspiration taken from Sinister. You recently bought a box of tapes from a flee market begging you to take it with you. since you were interested and liked the spooky stories the person told you, you decide to watch the tapes and see what all the fuss was about. what a terrible mistake that was. TAPE1 STORY: the year is 1948. there has been a fire in a small village near london. the fire mysteriously only burnt certain rooms of the building, the cause of the incident was unknown and due to a lack of evidence, the case was left cold. the body of the 6 month old infant was reported missing andhas never been recovered. the woman who also was the mother of the child survived but committed suicide only a week later. because of the vague occurrences, sounds and sightings that have been filed, the investigation for the suicide wasn't continued because it was disprupted everytime the building was entered. the years after there where rumors, so you decided to take a look

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Paranormalia - Official Teaser out now!

Status: in development
Current Version: 0.6.5
Genre: Horror / Adventure
Platforms: Pc/Mac/Linux

A horror game in which you are being haunted by a ghost
the game features a good and scary acting AI for the ghost.
also featuring a flashlight mechanic.

We just released the official teaser video for paranormalia. The video will give you a small impression of the current playable demo without spoilering any of the spookyness, or at least as few as possible.

The final demo will contain two levels (called tapes) and will be published in the near future, make sure to follow the IndieDB page to always keep updated about this project.

YouTuber's already found this game and there are several alpha / beta let's plays available.

If you dare to play the game yourself, go over Paranormalias Download Section here on IndieDB.

The full game will contain 12 levels (tapes) and will be available for PC/Mac/Linux.

Feel free to post any feedback, bugs or problems. We're always happy to hear peoples opinion on paranormalia.

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Paranormalia beta 0.6.5

Paranormalia beta 0.6.5


A quick Demo. includes 1 tape and 1 enemy. Turn the lights off, the volume up and have fun! ;D


Grunt - Allo! I gave this game an Lets Play and enjoyed it quite a bit! Will look forward to more updates! Here's a link to some gameplay featuring me trying to beat it!

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