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A fully dynamic haunting-simulator. Experience the horrors of a haunting that's never the same twice. SEE THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS BEFORE PURCHASING. Test out the beta to make sure the game will work on your computer. Features: Free Content Updates: New scenarios, locations, characters, gameplay mechanics, and more! Sleep System: Switch to static cameras to watch the house as you sleep. Creepy Sound Design: Headphone users rejoice! Controller Support: Xbox 360 controller and Mouse & Keyboard support. Dynamic Hauntings: No haunting is ever the same thanks to the complex action-reaction and randomization system I made. First-Person Camera: Much like Paranormal Activity or Blair Witch Project, the view is that of the camera. Intricate Ghost Story: Uncover the mystery through journal entries. Graphics: Unreal Engine 3 makes Paranormal look amazing, implementing many of the latest graphical advances. Push your computer (and sanity) to the limits!

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saddoking says

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reasons being:
You have some really good jump scares but the littles ones after that dont make much of an impact to scare me. im not feeling overwelmned.
i hope that you work more around these issues as you will be looking at a winner mate. keep up the good work. im looking forward to more updates


Truly an amazing game, unique, very nice looking and has true atmosphere.
Down to the smallest detail it's a really enjoyable game, my only complaint is, in the mass variety of the scares, It can sometimes snowball alittle too quickly, things start off as stuff shifting at the corner of your eye, then full on demonic apparitions! Only to be followed by a kettle turning itself on :x

But even then, that's half the fun! Can't wait to see more.
(Tho I'm still stuck in BETA 4 ;~; )




smk123 says

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A true blessing for fans of horror games; even in beta it is clearly unlike anything you will have played before, dynamic hauntings make for fantastic replayability (I'm sure this will only expand with future updates too), and unlike more 'big budget' horror games it doesn't just reply on jump-scares - it really nails the atmosphere or a haunted house, I actually think twice before going into certain rooms because they are just so scary in themselves. I can't wait to see how this game turns out in the full version, because I'm absolutely loving the beta so far, once bugs/glitches etc are ironed out and the content expands more it will be one of the best horror games in recent years, I'd recommend this to anybody who considers themselves a fan of 'scary' or horror games, it's a breath of fresh air into an increasingly stale genre

You pay 10 bucks to walk around a house made with mostly stock UDK assets for a hour and have loud clipping noises blasting your ears while doing it. This plays like a mid-term student project for game design 101. Don't buy this, just download the free betas if you're really in need of spooky jumpscares.

lack of support


Awesome Game

I'm a huge fan of horror games and watching the beta being played on various sites by a number of people, this game deserves its high rating for being such an original idea and for it having very impressive visuals. This game can well be said that it is the one and only game in the horror genre that takes a leap away from the rest of the horror games out their with its heart pounding scares and its mind twisting events.

I really wanted to like this game, it's such a brilliant idea, maybe so brilliant that it's a little hard to pull off. Now I'll be the 1st to admit that this review is a little bias in the sense that I only played a few variations of the old beta builds. However those builds were all so similar in the way they played, the scares, the sound design and level design that I kinda figured that that's what they want the game to be. While I respect that, I will say it wasn't scary... which kinda defeats the purpose. Was it a total fail? No, it made me uneasy a few times, but it's basically the same effect as watching a Salad Fingers episode while tired. The whole setup for those of you who are yet to play is that you aimlessly meander around your tiny house and stuff just sort of happens around you, what kind of stuff you ask? Well it ranges from pieces of furniature moving in the dark where you can't see it moving, little wooden dolls getting in your way and trapping you until the game decides to let you move again, stuff happening behind you and yes everyones favourite; cheap jump scares. I feel kind of let down, like this idea had so much more it could give and instead I got to walk around some guys house waiting for the next thing to shout boo at me. Maybe the newer versions have a little more to give, but I'm not paying to find out. By all means go and check out the beta builds that you can find free on google but I make no promise that you'll like what you find.

2/10 Disappointing at best


Vad_Teller says

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It's great game. Lika a paranormal activity. Greatest!!!!

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