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2D action/platformer game, tribute to the 90’s, with upgrades, secret passages, and even an annoying fairy-like companion. Coming on Steam, Ps4 and Xbox One the 20th of September Switch: TBA (2017) Pankapu is a colorful action platformer in which you can transform freely from Warrior to Archer or Mage. Switch wisely between your three Aegis and master them to fulfill your destiny and defeat Gangreyn, the Prince of Nightmares. Told in the manner of a fable read to a child, the game has two levels of reading: the story of Pankapu, epic and naïve in the dreamlike world of Omnia, and the one about Djaha’rell’s life, in the real world, dark and tragic.

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This demo has been archived by the uploader because it is out of date and no longer supported. We recommend you browse the file list for the latest demo.

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Here is the new Alpha of Pankapu we made with your feedback. You can now use two classes switchable in real time, Bravery the warrior and Ardor the bowman. It is a Work in Progress, but we think it's a good start if you want to make your own idea about the game and its first areas. You can change the controls when you have to choose the resolution of the game. I highly recommend the use of a controller. I hope you will enjoy it, and feel free to share it with the world, we are nothing without you. We love you all!

Bring out your controller, the new Alpha is here!

is it true shantae will make an appearance in this game?

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T_Ulysse Author

Ahah not at all it is in Indivisble :-)

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Okay, so far here's what I have to tell you,

The control scheme really needs some work and it'd probably be best to use the mouse, especially considering my next suggestion.

The Archer guy is just objectively better. He takes the same amount of hits to kill stuff as the sword guy does and at a long range and he double-jumps. A couple ways you could nerf this:

1. Make it more skilled-based by making them have to aim. If I'm up a bit too high off the ground, and something's hitbox doesn't go that high off the ground, his bullets won't hit.

This would also necessitate being able to aim in at least 8 different directions, but ideally with the mouse. He should also have a visible projectile that travels across the screen to hit a target instead of the projectile instantly hitting a locked-on target. This is also what makes the Archer guy way better.

2. Make the sword guy do more damage. His shield blocking mechanic is only useful in certain situations, namely to get out of a bad situation.

While the platforming mechanics are actually really solid, I don't think the fighting mechanics are that great. Take a look at Gunstar Heroes or Vectorman on the SEGA Genesis/Megadrive. In particular Vectorman. That style really keeps the action fast-paced, smooth, and really increases the skill ceiling. The only suggestion I'd have ontop of looking at Vectorman's mechanics is that Vectorman really needed a "Turret Lock", where you press a button so you can hold in place and aim in 8 different directions without moving.

I suggest Gunstar Heroes as well because, while Action Platformers can be really fun when done right, often-times they'll get boring and monotonous over time when the combat doesn't feel satisfying enough. This is something that Vectorman didn't do too well but wasn't that big of a problem because of it's short length while Gunstar Heroes would've had this problem if it didn't constantly throw fun to fight or unique bosses at you. While this isn't something you have to do, it is a good idea to consider. Keeping your action-platformer fresh and feeling fast-paced is really important.

Ducking would not be a bad function to have. If you plan on having enemies with projectiles it would give every character a way to avoid damage, not just the sword guy with his shield. Having the only way to dodge the bullets being jumping can feel pretty wonky. A way you could make the sword guy's shield more unique is they can deflect projectiles entirely or use it to bash enemies to momentarily stun them.

My only problem with the platforming is that you can ghost through the platforms sometimes when you're not high enough to land on them. It's a bit frustrating and I'm not sure what to suggest for that.

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Hegor Creator

Thanks for the feedack Templarfreak!

As for Ardour (the archer guy), in the final game, you are not supposed to have access to him at this point in the game (as it is said in the demo). The alpha was all about giving you an idea of the gameplay.

The alpha that you tried is 6-month old, and we're looking forward to showing you guys what the game looks like now :)

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I'm guessing those early levels will be tweaked a lot, then, because starting at about the cave it seemed like he was necessary (Lots of points requiring that you have the double jump)

Even if you get them later, I still think there would be very little reason to use the Sword guy over them once you have them. The double-jumping, ranged attack, and backstep, all mix together into a pretty strong character that can handle almost anything thrown at it.

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Hegor Creator

Haha good guess :)

As for Bravery (sword guy), be assured, you'll need him in the game, in moments when you won't be able to fight or progress in the game with Ardour. Balance is quite important for us. The whole point of the demo to give you a glimpse of 2 aegis (Bravery and Ardour) and the art of the game.

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