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Seek Your Fortune in the Depths

Paladin's Passage is the story of the Dwarvish Paladin Thieren Cromlech's quest to save the Roman Empire. It is the final days of the rule of Charlemagne. The Emperor himself has given a quest to the legendary Paladin. He must enter the ruins under Delphi and recover an artifact of great power. Upon entering the catacombs under the ruined city, the Paladin discovers a massive infestation of evil monsters. Weapons are useless against these mythical creatures. Only fire is able to destroy them.

Use your Skills and Reflexes to Survive

Paladin's Passage is a challenging 2.5D single-screen platformer. Explore the deformed depths of the Delphic dungeons. Brave encounters with fantastic beasts. If you're lucky, perhaps you'll find an ancient artifact.

  • Navigate tricky levels to collect the key and get to the exit.
  • Dodge or destroy mythical enemies and magical traps.
  • Collect treasure and discover hidden items.
  • Two level sets with > 50 maps shipping at launch with more coming soon.
  • Create and share your own levels online.
  • Online leaderboards track the fastest level times, top scores and more.

Realistic 3D Rendered Environments

Full 3D rendering brings the world of Paladin's Passage to life. Unreal Engine 5 drives the game to immerse you in the adventure.

Every level is hand-designed to challenge your skills. Multiple game modes provide hours of gameplay.

Amazing magical effects light up the world. Play with your keyboard or gamepad. Customize the controls to suit your style.

Create, play and share your own maps online with the built-in level editor.

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Within a few hours of the store page going live on Steam, we've now opened up the first beta test to the public. Please go over and try out the Paladin's Passage Playtest.

Steam Store Page

This first beta will have a limited number of levels (10 classic and 10 modern), so we're mostly looking for feedback on how the game runs on your Windows PC, if you can provide it:

  • Did you have fun playing the game?
  • Any problems with installation?
  • Did the game launch correctly and take you to the start page?
  • Did the default settings of 1920x1080/60Hz video resolution work correctly?
  • Were you able to try different resolutions and/or video settings?
  • How was the overall performance?
  • There are two game modes: classic and modern. Please try out both and let us know what you think of the level designs.

Modern level 3

Here are the known issues and limitations encountered during our testing of this public beta:

  • Only 10 Modern and 10 Classic levels are provided, so the game will show the Game Won page after each set of 10 is completed
  • Every once in a while, enemies will do the moon-walk (go backwards). Restarting the game fixes this.
  • Dragon fire doesn't harm the player. This was disabled for the beta until a different issue can be addressed which prevents completion of some levels.
  • Game difficulty levels are currently disabled.
  • Gamepad support is still in the early stages, but is working with Xbox controller and PS controller (with DS4Windows).
  • Music isn't part of this build.
  • Spark balls aren't quite centered when moving in some directions.
  • Only 1 achievement and 1 leaderboard are currently configured to use the Steam APIs and the leaderboard doesn't show up in the game yet.
  • Most artwork (textures, animations and particle effects) is not final version.
  • Only English language is supported in this release.
  • No accessibility options are enabled in this release.

    Please report any issues you discover by replying to this thread, on the Steam Community Hub, or on the game's support Discord channel. We'd also love any feedback - positive, negative or 'other'!

Classic level 8

Paladin's Passage Steam Page Live

Paladin's Passage Steam Page Live


I am currently experiencing multiple emotions: excitement, worry, stress, anticipation...frankly it is hard to describe my current state. All of this...

Look Familiar?

Look Familiar?

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Does this screenshot look familiar? The inspiration for Paladin's Passage is the 80s NES and arcade game Solomon's Key. We'll be publishing a release...

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