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Outpost Z: Apocalypse, may pretain to a standard Zombie game, however the Creators are aiming for something close to the movies to give the zombie game community a fear commenly forgotten by Avid Zombie fans, by putting the gory look back into the gaming world, the hopes are to situate the player with a dynamic world, and situate them for either Single or Multiplayer Gameplay, in that the Damage and Death Systems will pretain to Movie Styled Gore as much as the creators can impliment, for all of you people who Want a sneak peak into the game Here is the Story and Features list (Not fully updated however the Idea's currently in store will more then likly be situated into the game throughout the Alpha and Beta Testing).


The future is a dark place of industry. In the mid to late 21st century, humanity continues
its never ending quest for immortality and expansion. The cure for death has been remedied by an
expensive cloning program created by Canada. However, only the wealthy have enough money
to use such services. In direct opposition of Canada’s attempt to better people’s lives, China
chases after better ways to rid the world of those different to them. A secret project
named “Harmony” is started by China’s brightest scientific minds with the thought in mind of re-
uniting Taiwan and China. Harmony’s ultimate goal expands beyond just this simple wish and
Taiwan is only the beginning to a larger global scale application. Using a virus named Virus Z,
China plans on developing a cure along with the disease, to release the disease in their
opposition’s counter, and then enter and settle down in the infected area to administer their
miracle cure to a supposedly unknown and diabolical disease. From there, one only needs the
history of Tibet as a reminder to us as to what comes after the disease has done its damage to the
Problems plague China’s ambition however. Even in a controlled environment, Virus Z
proves to be impossible to control or cure. One day an explosion is seen from the direction of the
research center and an area of 30 miles is covered in the airborne Virus Z. Within an hour, the
populace begins mutating and running rampant as the airborne Virus Z dies and transforms into a
blood born pathogen. China is engulfed by its own bio-weapon within two weeks. The virus
spreads like a wildfire through the neighboring countries and continues to mutate victims into
grisly creatures. By the time Europe brings a military task force to counter the zeds, the enemy is
already at their door step. Europe begins to fall rapidly to the virus and refugees from the clean
areas try to migrate to the Americas. America, Canada, and South America close their borders to
all traffic to protect themselves from the virus and Europe along with the rest of the world, is
engulfed in China’s mistake.
In 2065, a South American drug cartel sees a chance to gain more power. They send a
Freight ship to Europe to collect a sample of the virus in an attempt to do a better job at what the
Chinese had tried to do. The ship’s crew is successful in collecting the virus sample and put their
ship on a return course home. However, while at sea the crew is exposed to the virus and the ship
disappears. 2066, January 28th, an unidentified South American Freighter is spotted close off the
Eastern Coast. A Navy cruiser with a joint force of Marines is dispatched to investigate the ship.
The marines board the freighter and encounter the infected ship’s crew. The marines engage and
suffer 7 casualties. The Freighter is looted of all materials and then sunk. The wounded marines
are admitted to hospitals and all equipment from the infected ship is stored in a military base. In
2066, May 13th, the Virus Z has spread through most of the Eastern Coast. The virus was traced
from an East Coast military base and a VA hospital. In an attempt to stop the spread of the
infection the US military creates a massive DMZ along the Midwest. Using artillery and
airpower, the military begins to open fire on anything that tries to cross the new border. The East
Coast is effectively cut off from the rest of civilization that remains. Survivors manage to band
together and protect many of the cloning facilities, knowledge, and doctors that run them.
Through these mini cities built to protect these facilities, the survivors fight off the zeds for
survival in hopes that they can destroy the virus and rejoin the rest of civilization one day.


- Singleplayer: This will be a form of Training Mission with a area for people who want to just hunt random Zed Types in peace and in relative Safety (However it will have a exit point to enter the area the Zed's Occupy if you want more Adrenaline based Hunting).

- Multiplayer Modes: Survival, Persistent
Survival: Survival will detail Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Survival (survival being a lite version of Persistent - meaning weapons and gear will be provided to the player on start however being limited in some way with the random chance of finding any kind of item in the game including Barricading items and Deployables, while Zombies of types chosen by the host that will randomly enter the stage and begin to scavenge for food).

Persistent: Persistent is the MMO Backend of the game we have plans on making this player able so anyone can setup there own 24/7 Persistent Server with the proper Setup, however this is still in concept and is a 50/50 chance of being player able, this Mode will give a more Realistic Survival Look at the Infection on America and Canada and will allow players to Customize a player of either Female or Male (however the customization will be very limited at the start and will progress as will most of the other Milestones, as to the gameplay, the players will enter the world once making there character and have access to a Open Economy which will be supplied by players who create or find items (weapons and equipment and so on) around the world, all monster types will be found around including some monster types only dropable by groups of players working together. the players will also be able to claim buildings as there base (or home whichever - this is concept only for now), most buildings and electrical items will need power giving objectivity to players who are willing to take the risks implied in doing so, there will be a safe haven of sorts (from the undead only giving the players or "Host" to apply the security from players themselves) the haven will have access points to the market and will allow for players to converse in peace from the infected on the outside, and much more to come.

- Mob Based Damage: This implies that it will take more then 1 infected to kill a player however if a player sustains enough damage they will still be able to die from blood lose or even infection, But this allows for the player to push enemies back some how be it punching em and making em stagger or giving em a kick offa em and getting themselves back up and bolting to a safe distance to finish the enemy off, however if 3 of them were to get you onto the ground or grapple you the chances of you surviving are very slim and more then likely you'll end up being Zed Food

- Body Damage: This refers to the chance to save your life by inflicting bodily harm to certain area's of the body, never again have a enemy seemlessly be able to run after you after you have filled there legs full of rounds (this is in concept)

- Dismemberment: Well as they show in the movies zombies like to tear bits and pieces offa what they eat and this doesnt miss the players by any means see the damage they will do to you and help you regret dieing in the first place as they rip you limb from limb till you breath your last breath, This also refers to certain bullet impacts of varying calibers (In Concept)

- Deployables/Barricading: This refers to Sandbags,Turrets,Power Generators, and more

- Player Housing Solution: This is Persistent Mode Only (In Concept), This will be a place a player will safely have access to the Open Economy as well as have places to store items they have no room for in there inventory, they will also be able to use it as a Store Front to Help them with there own Economy of sorts

- Massive Enemy Lists: From Normal Idiot Zombies to Super Fast Mutations there will be plenty of variety to Hunt down (Some even needing Groups of Players working together to Take down), this will be updated as it goes no real look as to how it will lay out since its not the highest point of the development at this current point in time

- Massive Weapon/Equipment List: This will range from Body Armors,Guns,Melee,Vehicles,Traps and plenty more

- Faction System: (Persistent Mode Only) Once in the game you will be able to Create or Join your own Faction at any time by going to the Haven and Applying the Factions Description will relate what there about and should be filled out as such

- The Game may at some Point in time Allow for a Item Shop But this wont be necissary for a while and will Remain FREE2PLAY even if its implemented


For those of you Artistic People out there we are also looking for The Art Team for this work and i would suggest checking the Job Posting out here: Moddb.com .

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Like the title reads a 2D game is in the works while we wait for the art team for the original project to get stabalized, this should get you a minor game to fiddle with while you wait.

It will be a premise on the survival Gametype With SOME monsters not being implemented (such as the grappler since it needs a 3D situation rather then a 2D situation because of certain allying features... as in the fact it needs something to drop off of to actually attack you..)

I will put up a link in the news to point you towards it once a playable situation is done, this will be singleplayer at the start but will progress into multiplayer as it goes, which wil give the team time to work on other parts of the 3D game.

Yours truly,
Patrick Gilligan

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Main Menu Demo

Main Menu Demo

Demo 2 comments

This is the Minor Main Menu Demo for those of you who want to see it, it is limited so you have been warned (to Quit Press Abandon Humanity) OPERATING...

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It's dead now isn't it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
silentgator Creator

Not Dead, just have alot of issues in my life at the moment and havent had much time to advise on the games situation, everything is still in the works its just going veeeery slowly, and im also uping the graphics as the programming knowledge around me grows.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

dead? no update in 9 months so i now declare this to be deceased

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Great premise, absolutely terrific Concept Art. I really hope this gets somewhere.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
silentgator Creator

just a note, this project is still going i have however been very busy with real life, and have not been able to update further on this, i am sorry for the wait, and whenever my life gets a bit more straightened out i will continue on this.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

So some form of semi MMO that goes for realism (and to the spamming guy going on about zombie children - deal with it, I'm sure there's much worse than that on other corners of the internet. Or google images.)

Firstly is it an FPS or Third Person Shooter or some other genre?

Secondly which game engine are you using?

Oh and tracking :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
silentgator Creator

FPS/third person option primary is FPS, engine is unity, there is a 2D game in the works whie we wait for my work on the art team(not only me but for now the most work done - aside from orthone has been roughly me and the work on the stabalization of the art team has been very slow) anyways i hope this answers your questions, this project wont die out even if our team is lacking i have no plans on quitting neither does most of our team and honestly right now we are only lacking a Enemy modeler(organic anatomy modeler).... either way we may have some playable content somtime soon ;) maybe not with much to do but it will show barricading and some random misc skills which will be applyable to Training,Survival,Persistent.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

"(not only me but for now the most work done - aside from orthone has been roughly me and the work on the stabalization of the art team has been very slow)"

Stop making me sound like I'm doing a ton. I don't want to be looked at as the hard worker and be expected to do things. =P

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silentgator Creator

yaaaa yaaa

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Basically the game I wanted to make,but more realistic.

Excellent sketches.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


You want more realistic,dude...He just posted pictures of zombie children and they eating them self!

Its sick and that person that drawed should go to asylum,******* evil worshiper...

Reply Good karma Bad karma-8 votes

troll warning

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes


Satanist and psycho people warning...
These posible drawings may be a clue or a sign of an emocional or psyhical damage in the time of childhood or maybe in earlier events of our pacient!

Reply Good karma Bad karma-7 votes

been done before so stop going insane. It's a drawing. It's not somebody grabbing a couple of kids and making them eat their own arms. Hes an artist and if you can't handle art you can just **** right off.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
silentgator Creator

For everyone who is wondering this dudes 15, so dont bother with him if he is flaming.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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