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A turn-based tactical combat simulation game and story generator.

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Introduction to Operators


Simultaneous Contact Phase

Operators is a turn-based tactical game project with work that started in 2017. It is currently in early prototype phase, with a playable build on the way.

Let's first talk about the elephant in the room. This game is very much inspired by Jake Solomon's 2012 game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It's a love letter to the genre, as well as the following games that heavily influence this game's design:

  • XCOM EW/EU/2, Long War
  • Silent Storm
  • Fallout Tactics
  • Rimworld

Here's what Operators is going to attempt to achieve.

  • Drop-in Co-op multiplayer. Bring your squad of operators to another players' campaign, and play one of your campaigns together.
  • A rich and dynamic simulation model for emergent story-telling. Stories of heroism, bravery, defeat, love, mental duress, the trauma of battle.
  • Characters that have dynamic mental states causing them to react differently to stress depending on their personalities.
  • A command structure between enemy units. Killing the squad leader will cause disarray. Killing the general would delay the enemy operations significantly.
  • Simulation of firing modes, ballistics and penetration through different materials.
  • A real-time with pause stealth game mode before combat begins.
  • A simultaneous turn Contact Phase before turn-based combat.

The game is currently in early development and progress will be posted here.

Playable prototype

Playable prototype


First playable prototype is released, free on itch.io

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