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OpenRA is a highly moddable RTS game engine for classic Westwood 2D games. In fact Red Alert, Command & Conquer and Dune 2000 are implemented purely as mods on it. Tools are provided that allow you to add new units, maps and tilesets even create your own mod. Have a look at the wiki.

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Built-In Mods

Red Alert

sovietsThe RA mod for OpenRA is a reimagining of Command & Conquer: Red Alert. It is not just a clone of the original but has improved and rebalanced gameplay. The UI is modernised for higher resolutions and better usabiltiy. It has fully working multiplayer support for both internet and local play (via direct connect).

Tiberian Dawn

Tiberian Dawn The CNC mod for OpenRA is a reimagining of the original Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn game. As with Red Alert modern networking and rendering technology is used. Also new features are implemented such as snow terrain, neutral tech buildings and many glitches from the original have been fixed.

Dune 2000

ArrakisThe D2k mod for OpenRA is a reimagining of Dune 2000. A remake of the remake so to speak. It separates itself from the rest of the C&C series in terms of lore, certain game mechanics and file formats, but also shares a lot of technology with it's spiritual successors. Avoid the sandworms and build your base on stable foundations. The spice must flow!

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Singleplayer savegames

Probably the most wanted missing feature, the next version will include support for savegames in both skirmish and the campaigns. No more losing all progress to a stray dog eating your Tanya!

The savegame load screen in D2k.

Longer missions can now be played in several takes instead of needing you to pull through in one go.

Spectator UI and new Tiberian Dawn sidebar

Our spectator UI has always been noted to be clunky and take too much space on the screen. With the next update we are happy to finally introduce a more slim and focused spectator UI.

A new spectator UI.

The new transpart overlay is a huge quality of live upgrade for both casters and casual spectators.

Our second most visible update features yet another long standing UI rework that was just completed last month after sitting on the shelf for years. The sidebar in Tiberian Dawn was completely overhauled and looks better than ever.

Polished building placement previews

There is not much to say here, the images will tell the story. The tweaked placement preview makes it easier to see both the building being placed and any cells that are blocked by units or debris.

On a side node for the modders reading this: With the coming update the core engine will also support placing building variants in your mod (if you like north and south facing refineries for example).

The new Tiberian Dawn sidebar.

The new Tiberian Dawn UI includes a refreshed building placement overlay and brand new sidebars.

Polished map previews

The ingame UI was not the only thing getting an upgrade. We overhauled the map previews of the map chooser to look the same as ingame.

Overhauled map previews.

The new previews include the positions of forests and civilian structures.

Setting support power directions

Parabombs and airstrikes have long been a point of both frustration (when taking too long to reach their destination) and joy (when immediately whipping an army at the map edge). We kept the joy aspect, but removed the frustration! The upcoming release will allow you to conveniently select the approach vector by dragging into a specific direction while placing the power.

Directional powers.

Want to avoid air defenses by sending your troopers in from the south? We’ve got your back.

Even more upcoming changes

The list is long, too long for this post. A few other noteworthy changes include:

  • A new time limit lobby option for multiplayer and skirmish games
  • Many fixes for queued unit orders, aircraft, and harvesters
  • Removed Mono requirement on macOS and Linux
  • A new name and artwork for the long-controversial Allied Hind in Red Alert
  • Many new tweaks and traits for modders
  • Even more bug and performance improvements

You can take a peek at our development changelog if you are interested in the entire list of upcoming changes.

Release 20190314

Release 20190314

News 3 comments

We are pleased to announce Release 20190314, which brings changes developed between August 2018 and January 2019 and polished with the help of player...

Combined Arms Lite - First Release

Combined Arms Lite - First Release

Command & Conquer - Combined Arms 3 comments

Combined Arms Lite's first release is here! - Welcome back commander!

 Playtest 20190302

Playtest 20190302


Another, hopefully final, test build on the road towards the next release.

Playtest 20190209 and RAGL Season 7

Playtest 20190209 and RAGL Season 7

News 7 comments

A new playtest build is now available with a collection of fixes and improvements over playtest-20190106.

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ShatteredParadise Release 20190623

ShatteredParadise Release 20190623

Shattered Paradise Full Version

SDK Installer for Shattered Paradise, read description for extra links and information.

Combined Arms - Lite: 0.05

Combined Arms - Lite: 0.05

Command & Conquer - Combined Arms Full Version

Small update & hotfix, fixes a critical error bug.

Combined Arms - Lite: 0.04

Combined Arms - Lite: 0.04

Command & Conquer - Combined Arms Full Version

Combined Arms Lite - 0.04 Installer This zip file contains everything to launch the game on a Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

Reds in Defence Beta 0.1

Reds in Defence Beta 0.1

Full Version

First Realice of Reds in defence a litle unbalanced but it should work

Zeruel87 Mod v0.5.1 for 20190314

Zeruel87 Mod v0.5.1 for 20190314

Zeruel87 Mod Full Version 3 comments

Zeruel87 Mod v0.5.1 for 20190314 - many mapping updates

Zeruel87 Mod v0.5

Zeruel87 Mod v0.5

Zeruel87 Mod Full Version 3 comments

2 New Game Options, 2 new Factions, 2 new X_Factions, 9 new Maps

Comments  (0 - 10 of 501)

You guys know when the tiberian sun part will be playable? :) I Really love what you're doing! Have been playing alot of Red Alert

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I really love your open-sourced C&C game engine. I've been playing it like crazy and would love to see at least some indie, original games from this engine.

Also, when are you going to input that aircraft carrier logic?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Dunadann Appreciate your comments, fellow commander! Absolutely - either the BTR-80 or BTR-60 would be suitable as the Soviet APC, I'd say :) For sure it should move just slightly faster than the M113, but then perhaps it should have slightly weaker armor too?

Looking back at my previous lengthy posts now and, not only do I notice how quickly time flies, there's a couple ideas in there that I'd retract:

If the BTR-60/80 were introduced, I wouldn't enable it to traverse water. I feel that'd just open up a can of worms for gameplay; so, best not to have it do that, even if they actually can in real life.

Second, the Hind shouldn't transport any infantry. I think that also would open up a can of worms; its role should just be a gunship anyway.

Which then leads me to a new suggestion: The Soviets are in need of an air transport, so I propose they get the Mi-26 "Halo". Sometimes there can be maps that requires an air transport where, without one, the Soviets would be at a huge disadvantage (eg: oil derricks behind impassible ridges). In fact, the Soviets did have the Chinook in the original game, but just as the Allies shouldn't have the Hind, the Soviets shouldn't have the Chinook. It would require creating yet another new unit for the game, but, while I think care and consideration should be taken before introducing any new unit to a game (otherwise you risk changing the game too much and begin losing the essence of the original), this one makes sense to me. And as someone who grew up with and cherished the original game, I guess I'd also view it as: If there had been one more expansion pack, what new units would that possibly introduce? So, if the Chinook carries 8 infantry (as of now), should the Halo carry 10? Or have the Chinook carry 5, as it did originally, and let the Halo carry 8? And since the Halo should carry slightly more infantry than the Chinook, it should be slightly slower.

Well I better wrap this up before it gets TOO lengthy XD Thanks again for reading guys!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey guys, open RA looks very cool! Any chance you will port it to iOS? That would make the world a better place.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Milanium Creator

No, that is unrealistic.

Reply Good karma+5 votes

Hello mod developers and everyone else!

This is surprisingly my first post here as I am a HUGE fan of this project. To me, this mod expertly recaptures what the original classics were, but it isn't afraid to explore ideas for making some fine-tune tweaks and necessary changes, whether it be for improved gameplay, fixing balance issues, modernizing the mechanics, etc. I am so very thankful for the hard, dedicated work everyone has put into making this mod a success. This truly deserves any and all of the praises it gets!

I do have some suggestions about the mod, though, especially now that certain subjects were brought up recently by the devs. So, please hang in there for the long read ;)

* Regarding the Hind debate *
Just like others here, consider me one who also feels that its placement with the Allies feels out of place (but I completely understand why it was moved there). So, hear me out, here are my ideas about this:

First, the Hind should be moved back to the Soviets, and then, if OpenRA's engine allows it (which, if I'm not mistaken, it can), let the Hind and Longbow BOTH be equipped with a chaingun (vs infantry only) AND missiles (vs vehicles/structures only). Both crafts in real life do have both weapons, after all, so it makes sense; remember, also, the original RA cinematic intro did feature a Hind shooting missiles.

Then, for giving each helicopter its weaknesses/strengths (while still maintaining that sense of balance), there should be subtle differences in firepower between these two air units. For an example: The Hind was originally chainguns only, so let it deal more damage than the Longbow's newly acquired chaingun; the Longbow was originally missiles only, so let it deal more missile damage than the Hind's. Another example (or in addition to the above): the Hind could have a higher capacity for its chaingun ammo than the Longbow, but the Longbow could have a higher capacity for missiles than the Hind. Differing variables to make for an interesting and balanced gameplay. It might take some effort to get the balance feeling just right, but I do believe with enough tweaking and gameplay tests, it can be accomplished. Again, this is all dependent on if the engine can allow this. What do you guys think about this possibility? Can this work? Of course with the Hind returning to the Soviets, it's possible that further balancing may need to be done for the Yak and Mig to ensure each unit is desirable in their own way.

Now, as for the Soviets having airfield units and the Allies not, I'm actually just fine with that. There are multiple things that the Allies have which the Soviets do not have, and vice versa. With that said, though (and this is me just thinking out loud), what if the Allies did also have access to an Airfield? I'd think that only one jet would be plenty; just enable the jet to have an anti-infantry nose cannon AND anti-vehicle missiles, which will basically balance out the Soviet's Yak and Mig. For the role, the Warthog would make perfect sense (I know it's in TD, but it could function well here too - just as there were originally other units ported over to RA from TD) Again, just thinking out loud with this, but I'd be curious to hear what other people might have to say of it.

* Regarding the Kill Bounties *
I personally am okay with this. In my opinion, it's a nice, extra feature to have for players during MP, as an OPTION if they wish to have it; depending on the map, I believe there are even necessary times for having this. So, I wouldn't remove it from RA. For those who are less in favor of it, perhaps it would be best and feel less invasive for RA (and other mods) if it weren't as the default, but rather, you'd have to check the box in the options tab? Simple change. By the way, the mod for TD (and Dune 2000?) used to have this feature, I believe, but it's currently not available - I'd say bring it back, for the same reasons it be available for RA.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

I know it's been a few months, but I would like to voice my agreement with your points on the Hind. It belongs with the Soviets, and its being in the Allied tech tree is really jarring.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Other thoughts while I am here sharing...

* The APC moved to the Soviets *
I don't think the American-made M113 APC should be with the Soviets. It's not as unsettling as the Hind being moved to the Allies, but, still, for the same reason, it feels a bit off. My suggestion about this is: Since creating a new vehicle can be a welcomed idea (when necessary and appropriate, such as the useful and fitting Mobile Flak), let the Soviets have another new vehicle for transporting infantry, which, I believe, should be based off of the BTR-60, and then move the M113 APC back to the Allies where it should be. I think I read somewhere of somebody else making a similar suggestion as this, so it's good to know I'm not the only one who thinks this.

Then, since the Allies and Soviets will each have their own type of APC with differing appearances, how about call the Soviet variant "Light APC" and either leave the Allied APC as just "APC" or rename it as "Medium APC" (personally, I'd lean more towards the latter)? Just like there is a "Light Tank", "Medium Tank", and "Heavy Tank".

And, since the Soviets do not have an air transport (they should never have the American-made Chinook, btw), should this BTR-60 unit have a unique ability about it? Could/should it be able to also traverse in water just like the real-life vehicle can?

And/or, with the Hind (hopefully) back to the Soviets, and since these can be used for transporting personnel in real life, should it be allowed to transport a single infantry or 5?

And/or, what about possibly enabling the Soviet's new Mobile Flak unit to carry a single infantry (just like the Allied Ranger now can)? Therefore, if the Hind and Mobile Flak BOTH were allowed to carry some infantry, perhaps then a new Soviet APC wouldn't be necessary; the original APC should still go back to the Allies, though.

Well, that's everything I got for now, and it's probably more than enough food for thought, anyhow :)

Thank you for reading, and thank you for this awesome project!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Again, 100% agreed, although I think the BTR-80 might be a better fit, seeing as the Heavy Tank looks like a T-64B or T-80 in the cutscenes.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Why have the mods no original tech tree and new units?
I would like if i can play these with original trees in skirmish, especially Tiberian Dawn (back in the day, it has no skirmish). But Turret and Machine Gun Tower for Nod? What? Please add Vanilla Versions of the games like the original

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
pchote Creator

We don't have the manpower to maintain these as official projects, but there is a RA Classic mod that aims to provide this for Red Alert: Github.com

I am not aware of any similar projects for Tiberian Dawn, but we provide all the tools you or someone else would need to start one using the Mod SDK.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
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