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Open rooms is available for download here: itch.io open rooms

Early Access Build v0.2 Notes:

Not so multiplayer... Multiplayer! Join and preview a players room in it's last state. Currently no changes made by the host will be displayed. Also you can chat to others in the room.

Early Access Build v0.1
Currently you can design and get creative! While of coarse being able to save your creations to admire or edit later.

Keep up to date with open rooms at openrooms.co.uk and twitter @iDev_Games

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Open rooms might not have made much sense to some, at first. Truth is, it still might not. Though Open rooms is now starting to become more of what i hope it will be. To make this happen, open rooms needs and online structure.

Version 0.2 is the beginning of the multiplayer structure. Which now allows players to visit other players rooms and chat. When you visit the room you will see the room as it last looked by the host. If you want to host your room online it's as simple as loading your own save game. You'll automatically be setting up a online session anyone can join. In future versions you will be able to change if your game is accessible or not.

My next goal is to get actual changes to the room to translate to all other players. Only room owners will have the ability to change and design their own rooms. Then i can start to think about characters of some sort. Something i haven't yet thought about.

Version 0.2 is available to download and is free during early access so there's no excuse to not try it out for yourself.




I've taken the 0.1 preview for a test, this is my first impression, taken into consideration that this is a preview release:

-Good load times, lovely
-Easy model placement, GREAT! That is tricky and done well here.
-Good libraries, seems to rely a lot on DirectX/PhysX, stable and well supported libraries.
-Impressive FPS, though my first room was not very complex it ran impressively smooth.
-Nice menu, though it's a little bit raw at this moment I can see where this is going, the structure is clear and easy to use.
-Wiimote library? That is just too cool.
-I even like the size of it, doesn't seem bloated, well done.

I think this project has epic potential!

Here are some ideas that come from my own little project:

-Custom "paintings", add JPG/PNG files as a painting in the environment
-MP3 player with custom playlists and loading (I do see libs for playback, is this already a thing?)
-Easy level editor
-Multiplayer Deathmatch (players can join a person's own room, download the room and have a match)
-Password protected area, doors won't open until a code is put in, this code can be typed through a cool panel.
-Windows "Control Panel" as a room or panel
-Easily add/import/export settings/rooms
-Shortcuts to launch games/apps
-Here's a tech thing: older systems have problems running 2 3d apps the same time, to prevent lockups, when a app is started from the engine, it should hibernate until the process it started finishes.

Great project! I would love to contribute and I probably will do so soon. Thanks.


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iDevGames Creator

That's more in depth then i could have imagined as feed back. I had a look into 3DNA and i see what you hope this project will be, technically i think all of what you said is capable... Wiimote libaries, i didn't even know dxstudio had this.

As you know what your talking about i highly suggest having a look into dxstudio. This is the engine i'm using to build open rooms and all my other projects. I kind of had a little different idea of how this project would end up. I had more of a 3D chat room idea for open rooms i can only compare to habbo hotel. Don't get me wrong a lot of your ideas can fit with this but stuff like opening other programs might not fit in aswell. Still, i'm wasting no time so watch out here for an update as i'm working towards the online chat and room visiting functionalitys to be released soon. It wont be in a full state but it might start giving a better idea of what i have in mind and a great base to work on.


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I agree, technically this seems very possible!

Very, very, very interesting this dxstudio, again it looks very accessible, gotta love the possibilities for a developer these days! This really looks great... my hands are starting to itch to start working in it.

No hard feelings however! It's good that this will be your own idea, it's your project anyway ;-) but I know as a developer that feedback can be very inspiring, it is usually to me. A 3d chatroom idea is nice, it's a little like Open Cobalt / Open Croquet then? That sure had it's charm, but that engine is in no way comparable with yours (OpenRooms is way better in I think every aspect).

I just have one question: what support for importing 3d models will it offer (if any) ? Now that I started about Croquet I remember having fun taking various models from various games and websites and just smashing them together in "my world" in there. This might be a interesting aspect to extend the possibilities of your idea majorly.

Updates soon? I'll be keeping a VERY close eye from now on ;)

Have a nice weekend!

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iDevGames Creator

Dxstudio is a wonderful engine, it's very underrated and unfortunately is slowly being forgotten. As a single indie game developer I just find dxstudio the perfect engine. I also would help you with anything you would want to know about dxstudio.

Have a good weekend too!


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That is most kind of you! I'll check it out soon and maybe I contact you with some questions.

For now, good luck with the development ;-)


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This sounds too good to be true! I'm very interested in this one, reminds me of 3DNA but with more freedom.

Thank you very much for the development

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iDevGames Creator

Thank you so much for the kind words, don't forgot to follow twitter so you can keep up to date with the up comming updates. Also if you have ideas for the future development, early access was released to gather your ideas to steer the future of open rooms


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Sorry I don't have twitter :( but I will keep up here! Well, since 3DNA I wanted something like what you are working on right now, but since I was limited in codingskills I needed to learn C++, I'm doing that right now and 6months ago I was able to use a Quake3 level editor to load a level, without textures or collision. In fact, it barely loads objectmodels, but it does something! I haven't announced this project for the simple reason that I probably won't be able to finish it myself. So hence why I like your project a lot :) I even see that Multiplayer is on the ToDo list, what was the base of my idea. I'll checkout the 0.1 and see what is possible, read more about the project, and see what could be a nice suggestion. I wish you the best luck with this project.

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iDevGames Creator

Thank you very much. Hopefully it'll become all that you want it. I will be updating mainly on openrooms.co.uk though i will try to do the same here.


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