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OneSamurai: Dusk is a Turn Based Tactical RPG set in the Kamakura Era of Feudal Japan. Japan for the first time in its History comes under threat from a mysterious outside force. You must defend against this enemy with a backdrop of political struggle and internal strife. OneSamurai: Dusk is the first of three Episodic games which will follow your characters journey through this period. You are able to transfer your story from one game to the next with varying degrees of change depending on the decisions you make.

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We are very excited to inform you OneSamurai: Dusk has been Greenlit by Steam.Thank you to everyone who votes yes to OneSamurai: Dusk being on Steam. We will now be working hard to try and get OneSamurai: Dusk a great release!

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OneSamurai: Dusk is Now on Steam Greenlight

OneSamurai: Dusk is Now on Steam Greenlight


OneSamurai: Dusk is a turn based tactical RPG set in the Kamakura Era of Feudal Japan. In OneSamurai: Dusk you enter a period of Japanese history where...

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