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After the devastating disappearance of a beloved legend, Maxamillion Oinker and his sarcastic robotic bear Tedwin embark on a harrowing journey to find their legend and bring him back. Traverse countless worlds, defeat hundreds of unique enemies, lose yourself in engaging mini games, complete challenging puzzles and so much more as you uncover the mystery alone or with a partner in this hilarious adventure.

Post news RSS Update #9: We're headed to Free Play Florida!

This is the ninth update for O'ink! Here we discuss a series of additions and changes to the game that have been made in the short few days between the last update and this one, as well as announcing that we will be showcasing the game at a convention in November!

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Ahoy swabbies!

See? I told you it wouldn't be a long wait between updates! A lot has happened over the last few days, and we're here to tell you all about it! Loads of gameplay revisions, additions, and changes as well as a special announcement. We wont keep you waiting. Even then you'd probably just scroll to the bottom anyways.

Particle Effects!

  • While not perfect, we have added a number of particle effects to the game to give it that extra cartoon flare and look nicer overall. This is far from finished as we will heavily adjust what we already incorporated and add much more!
    • A series of blue and white particle effects occur when Max destroys enemies
    • A series of white particle effects occur when Max destroys boxes
    • A yellow particle effect appears upon Max taking damage
    • An alternate particle effect occurs upon Max being stupid and jumping into a lava pit.
    • Truffle on kill rewards are now active, and if at a great distance they will float towards the player.

A preview can be seen here!

A game with sound

  • Up until this point the game has only truly seen volume in a few forms. We have killer soundtracks, and we have good sound effects for item collection, but we never really felt as though we did sound effects for characters properly. We're getting there slowly, but the game will now feel less empty!
    • Added a sound effect for Max's standard attack when he misses
    • Added a sound effect for Max's standard attack when he lands and kills the vermin
    • Added a sound effect for Miner Mouse's standard attack when he misses the player
    • Added a sound effect for Miner Mouse's standard attack when he lands
    • Added a sound effect for Max's jump and double jump
    • Added a sound effect for Max's ground slam ability
    • Added eight sound effects for destroying box's
    • Added a sound effect for simmering lava
    • Added a sound effect for AI laughter when killing Max ( sadistic ones they are )
    • Added a sound effect for Max and Tedwin's walking and running animations
    • Added a sound effect for Max and Ted's death

Nothing like a good animation!

  • Animations are extremely crucial to the overall aesthetic to any game. It's why it's extremely important we nail it down so it doesn't look hokey. There's nothing worse than hokey animations, blegh!
    • Added Max's CHARGE ability animation
    • Added Max's GROUND SLAM ability animation
    • Added Miner Mouse's death animation
    • Added Tedwin's double jump animation
    • Added Tedwin's death animation
    • Altered Max's running animation
    • Altered Max's swinging animation

You can view them here

We're headed to Free Play Florida

  • That's right! We're headed to a convention known as Free Play Florida to showcase the game. Free Play Florida is a gaming convention that is known for it's seemingly endless array of classic/retro games. The event typically features hundreds of classic arcade games and games from every console generation as well as various panels. They also showcase Indie games, and we're one of the teams that will be showing off our game. The event takes place in Orlando, FL from November 22nd-24th, 2019.
  • We anticipate to showcase the entirety of the first level of the game for all attending to enjoy! If you're in the Orlando area, we strongly encourage you visit to get your hands on the game, and just enjoy the event itself as it is absolutely jam packed.

Free play florida

That's it for now, all!

Be sure to check out our youtube channel for game footage and information! You can do so by clicking here.

Download: Not Yet Available

Click here to see the last update!


-The Crew

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