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OCR is an open-world indie driving game powered by Unreal Engine 3 featuring a free roam, time-trial and a race mode on a massive environment for $4.99.

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I wouldn't so much call it a "racing game" to tell you the truth. Racing is usually fast, hectic, adrenaline pumping. Instead of tearing a path to the finish line by battling other racers, you're taking it slow and steady at grandma's pace just to keep it on the road. With unrealistic collision physics (accidental wall driving in the tunnel) and inaccurate drifting (you spin all over the road, reverse does nothing, and hand brake is too powerful), you'll fight not to win a race, but to continue without wrecking.

While the game does have pretty good (if not particularly realistic) graphics for an indie racer, it has an uninspired soundtrack. You would think that the developer would counteract the slow and steady nature of driving with an upbeat soundtrack. Sadly however, our ears are given the treat of listening to someone play a guitar and sing slow songs that sound like every other band from the mid-nineties.

All in all, I'm impressed with the implementation for an indie GAME. However being in the racing category, it falls short in several key areas. I'll beat the racing mode because I'm a completionist, but free roam is pointless giving this game zero replayability. I wish I would have saved my $4.99 and bought a piece of DLC for NFS: Most Wanted instead.

This is an awesome achievement for a small team! Cars feel great and races are quite fun. Race mode is quite short (finished in two sessions) and free roam is pointless, but for $4.99 I'd say it's pretty good.

Wow a racing game without any form of racing. The first car you can drive looks like a sports car a ferrari. The game looks great and then you play it and realize something is wrong here. The handeling of the cars are terrible, terrible. The turning radious of the sports car is on par for a school bus or an xl ford truck. I thought at first it must be a problem with my xbox controller but nope.

Terrible, Terrible turning radious, a sports car should have a short turning radious. Think of a porsche or a miata instead what we have is a car with a turning radious of a school bus. Also the physics in the game are wonky or dont exist, cars spin out of control with no warning of any kind just an uncontrolled spin. The computer cars look like they handle the course no problem with turning or any other issue they just sail thru the entire course. Great. They need to scrap the handeling engine and start over. Graphics look great, sound is ok however handeling terrible, terrible. Terrible.

Very poor driving experience.

Purchased the game for Mac. Then the Mac version was later removed rather than solving the problems that it was suffering from. Will change my score if there is ever a Mac version as promised.


Made a video highlighting the game's issues, I get that it's only £4 but I've played cheaper games that not only look better but have a whole lot less bugs, I mean the game randomly went into debug mode on me :/ Youtube.com


Ocean City Racing has various modes, in which you can simply driving by the city or compete with other AI enemies in a racing. There are a lot of vehicles and this is good, the graphic is nice thanks to the Unreal Engine.


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Awesome racing game!
This game is HUGE! This game is easily one of the best values in a racing game. For only $5, you can enjoy this awesome open-world city. The free mode is reminiscent of GTA but without the violence. On top of the free mode, OCR offers a pretty realistic race mode. The graphics aren't so great, but the huge open world makes it well worth it. Try this game, and you won't regret it!

Fun driving, fun cars, awesome atmosphere in the city. The city is pretty small though and the replay value suffers a lot because of that.

the game is funny, now finally I can play it, differents modes time trial, race and career, funny graphics and good handling, and nitrous is very cool, only a small problem the options menu need have more things for adjust the graphics, because are playing on hd, need options about antialising, bloom, motion blur, for pcs without ultimate technology, when I play run some slow, how I don´t have a ultimate technology computer my pc run some slow, other small thing, in the requeriments put 2.0 ghz of procesator, I have a intel procesator of 1.4 of double core ( in total a 2.8 ghz ) maybe is good game, have big requeriments but is very impresive and the next year I buy a new computer more new and the game sure can run more faster

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This is an awesome achievement for a small team! Cars feel great and races are quite fun. Race mode is quite short (finished in two sessions) and free roam is pointless, but for $4.99 I'd say it's pretty good.

May 19 2013 by psychicparrot