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Created by Egamea[www.egamea.com] Game Studio, O3DX is an off-road driving adventure designed to challenge the player's skill and endurance. Get behind the wheel of any of the 10 off-road vehicles and experience the breathtaking scenery while completing physics based challenges. Smell the diesel, taste the dust! O3DX will be the new game you love..

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Offroad 3D eXtreme (O3DX)

From the dusty chasms of the underground 4x4 world, comes a mobile adventure unlike anything you have experienced before. Prepare yourself for fast tracks, furious physics and a rush of adrenaline as you tackle daring obstacles and puzzles. O3DX will be the ride of your life!

- Obstacle Playground:
Overcoming obstacles is the focus of the fun; daring physics, brainteasers, speed and leaps will test your off road skills. Complete each level, beat the time and collect all the stars to receive a bonus.

-AAA visual fidelity:
Through harnessing the latest rendering technology and fine tuning resources to match your device, you are presented with immersive, realistic rides through breath-taking terrains of exquisite detail and class leading special effects.

-Unlike any predecessor:
By rethinking and redesigning the way you interact with a vehicle, O3DX presents a whole new gaming experience. Intuitive controls, maximum playability and camera angles that keep you in the thick of the action at the right moments, ensure a healthy dose of addictive adrenaline in what promises to become a whole new game genre.

- Easy controls.
- Ridiculously Realistic physics!
- Spectacular graphics!
- Initial launch on iOS and Android platforms.
- Steam and other platforms coming soon.
- Available for iPhone/iPad and all major brands of Android equivalents.
- Classic 4x4 vehicles, Military Off road Vehicles, Modern sporty all terrain vehicles and more.
- More level packs in development for non-stop entertainment.

Get your mobile devices ready. Smell the diesel, taste the dust! O3DX will be the new game you love..

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