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Welcome to an enigmatic world Novus Inceptio where a new gaming experience in exploring, building and surviving is waiting right for you. Experience sandbox world with survival elements and join us in creation a full version of the game.

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rmsnyper says

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Lots of people have talked about the game. All I can say is that it is one of the best early access games I have ever played. What I would like to tell you about is the author. He is active on the forums, works hard to make the game better, & is responsive to player's needs.


Owmama says

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Good graphics and lot of things to do. There's plenty of things to scavenge and craft and there's more to come on every update. Keep up the good work.


BabunShock says

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This game has huge potential!
The developers react very swiftly and promptly.
It's early access, and so to this game and approaching - but this game is one of those early access games that really worth it to try and promote.


BestOilOligarch says

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Игра в конкретном состоянии на 02.12.2015 имеет состояние пре-альфы любой шаг не в верном направлении может погубить проект. Ребята работают с энтузиазмом и хорошей поддержкой пользователя. В отличии от других игр подобного жанра здесь много инноваторских идей, да и с учётом движка Unity всё выглядит прекрасно, игра оптимизирована на отлично, но крайне мало внутриигрового контента и непонятно как McMagic переведут проект в MMO с ужасной боевой системой . Пожелаем ребятам удачи и не угасающего энтузиазма


Richiecze says

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