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Welcome to an enigmatic world Novus Inceptio where a new gaming experience in exploring, building and surviving is waiting right for you. Experience sandbox world with survival elements and join us in creation a full version of the game.

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This day is Novus Inceptio on Steam Greenlight. If you like the project, so do not hesitate to support it.

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This day is Novus Inceptio on Steam Greenlight. If you like the project, so do not hesitate to support it.

Future plan for Q4 2015.

If the project will become greenlighted then there are intentions to launch Early Access in the autumn of 2015. In the future the EA will support the further project’s development and progress – mainly to implement the full MMO version of Novus Inceptio.

First available version will be only a single player version but with online features – called GHOST mode.

  • All the data about your character (stats, items in inventory etc.) will be saved on the server and ready for the future transfer to the MMO version.
  • Therefore playing the Early Access will not be just about testing but also about your preparation (skilling up) your character for the MMO world.
  • Trading with other players will be possible with the help of remote communication (not face2face). Also the elementary survival features of the game will be functional.
  • World will not be just a passive playground. Trees, bushes, rocks, everything you see will be interactive.
  • Playable builder mode to create houses, start farming etc. will be implemented too.

And a lot more.

Small sample actual gameplay

Official basic information

Novus Inceptio is postapocalyptic MMORPG with sci-fi/fantasy elements. Aim of the game is not to follow current MMO games, but to create integrated living world that is not affected by active player base. Gameplay is focused mainly on hardcore survival action, tactics and strategy.

Novus Inceptio takes place in the future on unknown planet. One of the most important story goals is to find what caused global catastrophy, that destroyed planet. Players will use advanced technology and partialy supernatural powers. Creating new civilization will be completely up on players. Game doesn’t offer any quests and minimum NPC.

Novus Inceptio allows natural character creation. Atributes that players use will increase and those not in use will slowly decrease. Characters will also get old and die permanently due to ilnesses, injuries or even from exhaustion while exploring vast world. In that case, player will use his stored DNA to create clon with corresponding attributes. Another way is to transfer players genetic information on offsprings, which will become playable in case of players death by natural causes. Getting old affects whole world including plants and animals.

Novus Inceptio is game with natural flow of time, day and night cycle and event weather that effects world.

Why is Novus Inceptio worth playing? There are no limits in character attributions unlike other games. Players have complete freedom about their main character focus. Players dont have to hardly think about race or class they would choose - everything player does is affecting and ultimatly creating character.

Novus Inceptio offers only tutorial quests. Other missions are given strictly by other players. Capacity of players inventory is limited. One of the first missions is to create a custom housing and storage. Players are not limited to build only single buildings, but are encouraged to build whole villages or even cities. Social interactions is not only about trading and mission recruitment. Players can build clans, villages and cities. Possibilities of cooperation or rivalships are wide open. Bigger activies require better logistic support. Old or damaged houses must be repaired and characters have to be fed.

Novus Inceptio encourages crafting. Tools quality and technology will increase alongside with characters attributions. Absence of NPCs offers creation of fully functional market.

Project is still marked as Work In Progress. Every information or screenshot corresponds with current alpha phase. These Informations might not represent final products.

In the beginning of the game you arebyou find yourself in the middle of the wild nature.
Your equipment? Mere knife and basic tools. Luckily you are not alone! Small personal robot is your vital assistant, but remember he doesn’t do all the (hard)work. Nature doesn’t give anything for free. You need to find sources of the food, warmth and you must brace for the danger, which hides in deep forests. Illness, injury or death is your daily bread. After some time you’ll get to know the laws of your world and you’ll be ready for long journey that awaits you.

Do you want you own land? No problem! You can build your own house, farm or you can focus on one of many crafts. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this. You get helpers, that will fulfill your assignments. Helpers will work for you even in your absence. But they can get sick as well as you. therefore you must tread them nicely. Together with other players you may build a village, city or you can reign whole region and establish your own rules. Buildings and building elements are made by modular system. The only limit is your imagination, resources and skills.

Do you like creating things? In that case, you’ll love Novus Inceptio! All items in the game are unique and made by players. Creating is complex proces, affected by many things, from the sklil level to materiál you use. Crafting systém doesn’t show required materials, but only shows parts you need. Everything else is generated automatically (if you use stone, you make stone axe, but if you use iron, you create iron axe – you can use different material on every part, it takes on account even type or density of the wood). Due to this system, there is only one recipe for axe and there is no need to make dozens recipes for better equipment.

Novus Inceptio isn’t just about colonizing the world, surviving and creating working economics. Whole word of life, death and mystery awaits you. Get ready for dark forests, dry deserts, tropical jungles or even underwater life. All this in the game area of 576km2. The world lives its live with or without your acitivity – animals live and die, weather changes and new locations are created by players. Long journey full of finding rare materials, searching for the truth and true meaning of existence of the planet awaits you. Not all places were able to regenerate from the catastrophy that shook the world. It’s also possible to run into relic of the original civilization, that ruled the planet before you…

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