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Welcome to an enigmatic world Novus Inceptio where a new gaming experience in exploring, building and surviving is waiting right for you. Experience sandbox world with survival elements and join us in creation a full version of the game.

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Today's news will look back in time over the past year 2014+ and deeper. So hold your hats, moving in time starts...

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To all who have not read the latest news on indieDB, I recommend a look at:

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Today's news will look back in time over the past year 2014+ and deeper.
So hold your hats, moving in time starts ...


NI began realistically develop from February 17, 2012 at the Hero Engine. Despite the advantages of engine focused on online games. The entire develepement was after more than year interupted. Because there were more and more cuts, instead of the concept and development, rather solve to get around or how to fix things that the project should be and where the project is being built.
Therefore finally ended November 10, 2013 Development NI on Hero Engine.
And started again from scratch with a clean desk at Unity.

At this time, mostly acquainted with the new engine and carried out the tests on the major core game mechanics for NI.Were looking for a solution to the creation of the world, whether or not using voxel - comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each solution + main basis of procedural logic creation of the world.

This month has been marked by a full-fledged development.The underlying logic of the creation of the world was already in some reasonable form completed and it is time to connect gameplay elements.The first had to solve online communication server -> client.

Created by the PPB (Player Personal Bot) - small helper for the player - basic functionality (charging energy, energy consumption, performance tasks, etc.).

The first tests with AI for both PPB and fauna

The underlying logic GUI (inventory etc.).

Special NI admin plugin for Unity:

Designed base system for crafting.

The basic interactions with the environment.

As world NI happen not only on the surface but also under water. They made the first tests with underwater scenery and behavior.

Also, we performed first online alpha test this month!

Based on the results and behavior in the first online big test. It launched a complete rewriting logic behavior in the world and mainly procedural generation. The whole event called - a new core for NI.

He was also granted the first interview to the media (games.cz) about the project:

Based on the concept of the game and the overall tone of the project - was redesigned logo in depth and style to promote the project (everything in detail thought out - logo conceals many signs on the mysterious lore project).

Partially finished a new core generation of the world and the whole logic of behavior.

Offline version released a new core for fans of the project - to see how it all behaves on different systems + community as a reward for reaching 1,000 fans on Facebook page of the project.

The first tests with modular system of building a house - tuning Asset and its logic.

Final completion of the new core-making world.

Connection old game elements to the new core.

The first tests terraforming terrain.

The first tests with the construction of the house.

The first teaser

This month is carried mainly in the spirit of tuning.

Matched with terraforming the terrain and its logic.

It was created NI launcher to update the client - for testers project.

A new logic player interaction with the environment.

The first tests of farming (planting, growing and harvesting crops).

The second big online alpha test, with the participation of fans projects.

Implementation test game characters including animations + Applicated swimming game characters.

The first version of "building tools" - for the construction of the home.

Improvising background core - logic biomes and its behavior.

This month has been a lot of preparation for the new build for "Game Developers Sessions 2014" in Prague.
Tuning replication terraforming, character animation, sound.
New water.

New GUI first tests - instead of the default engine test GUI.

Test 2k / 4k textures on some objects.

Connection of the new fauna + procedurally generated.

GDS 2014 presentation.

Test beta version of Unity 5 and transfer project.
Large internal online test all news + online stream for fans of the project.
Implementation of containers (barrels, chests, etc.) + Tuned interactions.

Added trivia such as the possibility open / close doors.

Launched convert legacy GUI on the new Unity 4.6 GUI.
IOTY 2014 - preparation of promotional material to support the project!

Next time we will look at some other interesting gameplay elements, or discuss in more detail some - or information about the current Progress - Leave a surprise.

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