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This project is no-longer under development. The final "Internal" version of the game is available for download.

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Version 0.20 Screenshots
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I gotta ask, if/when/are you considering adding custom sprites, instead of using whats provided to you by the RPG Maker? I can understand keeping say, the buildings, the ascetics would be a pain to match if you started jumping around with different sprites/tiles, but the characters themselves are stock; and as far as *I* know, you can actually import and setup custom character sprites & animations.

I understand the urge to tell a story; and that a game should be based upon solid gameplay and storyline, but for someone who grew up (ages 11-14) playing with the older RPG Toolkits/RPG Makers of the world, the look is stale, and anyone who -has- played with these tidbits of software will actually discount the game itself for using stock graphics (and I've even seen in some cases, discount the game as a whole for simply using the 'engine'/software.)

Don't get me wrong; its very clear your intention is to create a decent game, with an involving and driving story (although I can't say I've played any releases of this so, I won't judge the quality of those aspects :P), you might wish to pick afew other engines to learn, -while- working on this piece.

I'd recommend using, if graphics aren't an issue, the Neverwinter Nights Engine; create yourself your own module, keep it on the backburner and don't show it off till its ready; and the community will embrace it. (However it using the D&D/AD&D Ruleset might be a bit of a pain I'm sure, but again its just a suggestion for an engine upgrade.)

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CountVlad Author

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunatley I'm not an artist and it's actually quite difficult to get hold of an artist for a freeware game when you don't have a finished product. Maybe when it's released someone will make a mod for it. I'm planning on re-colouring some sprites and using some others I've found on the net, but as you say I've got other priorities at the moment. Maybe after v0.30 is out I can concentrate a little more on graphics.
Hmm... I might have a look at that other engine. It sounds interesting!

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Here are some more screenshots of Version 0.20 while you wait for it to be ready for release. It should be out by Christmas.

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