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Northward is a co-operative management game set in an atmospheric Nordic landscape. With influences from games such as The Settlers, Transport Tycoon and Banished, you manage and expand your settlement together with a friend as you gather resources and build defenses while steadily making your way towards the mountains in the north.
With Northward we want to create a co-op experience that we feel is missing on the market. Management games are often a very solitary experience and we want to change that! Planning your next move, optimizing your shared resources and having to handle catastrophic events is something we believe is a lot more fun when shared with a friend.

Pre-alpha demo

With the pre-alpha demo we want to let you get your hands on the game right away and experience the basics of the gameplay by playing through a short scenario. Keep in mind that the gameplay in the pre-alpha won't mirror the final version of Northward, as the current system is rough around the edges and many features have yet to be implemented into the game. There will definitely be bugs and issues in the pre-alpha that won't remain at the time of release.

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A great fog has been making its way down the mountains in the north, devouring everything in its wake, leaving only husks of what was once living beings. Villages swallowed by the fog have slowly turned silent and the inhabitants have one by one left their homes, wandering into the forest never to return.
Protected by an ancient relic passed down through generations, your villagers travel northward in search of the source to the corruption. As you make your journey across the uncharted land you will encounter other tribes, wild beasts, ancient artifacts and mysterious deities. What fate awaits you beyond the fog?


  • Experience the online co-op campaign together with a friend.
  • Gather resources to expand your settlement.
  • Cast spells and explore the vast Nordic landscape with your village elder.
  • Defend your settlement against beings lurking in the fog.
  • Connect multiple industrial centers with transport routes.
  • Sacrifice to gain the boon of the ancient ones.
  • Journey across Nordic landscapes as you unravel the secrets of the world.


After finishing our last game, Oknytt, we wanted to create something other than another single player game, a more social experience with players interacting with one another. That is how the idea for Northward came into existence. Multiplayer games bring another layer of fun that we want to explore with this project as well as a new take on the beautiful Nordic landscape that surrounds us.


Working on the game, apart from the staff at Nemoria, the talented Shane Mesa will be composing the soundtrack for Northward. He's currently the Audio Director of the popular MOTHER 4 project and is collaborating with us to bring the world of Northward to life.

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During the last couple of days we’ve been busy trying to get the word out there about Northward. Between emails and messages we’ve managed to squeeze in some tweaks and small additions to the pre-alpha demo to make it a better experience. You can now keep going after the initial waves of enemies to test the durability of your village, defending it until it gets completely overrun. How many waves will you be able to withstand?
For the full list of details, check the update notes below.

Check out gameplay from the 1.1 pre-alpha over at these youtubers!

Jerry the Penguin tries out the new co-op update with a friend

ChristonianA takes a look at Northward

Updates notes
- You can now keep testing your village defenses against endless waves of enemies.
- Basic tutorial elements added.
- Enemy pathfinding improved.
- Enemy movement and positioning improved.
- Spell buttons enlarged and clickable.
- Shaman’s bear form sprites revised.
- A bunch of minor tweaks.

Northward update, 8th of August.

Northward update, 8th of August.

News 2 comments

Village elders and co-op functionality! Lately we’ve been hard at work laying down the foundations for online co-operative play in Northward.

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Northward Pre-Alpha for Windows

Northward Pre-Alpha for Windows

Demo 1 comment

Northward Pre-Alpha for Windows An early (1.0?) pre-alpha build of this wonderful little game.

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