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A 2D adventure about an alien that warps through space and time.
You travel through twisted alien faunas in order to help Ո Օ Ո unravel the mysteries behind his unexpected disappearance.

The game features a special gameplay mechanic - never before seen in the genre.
The unique time control gameplay - open up a whole new wonderful world of puzzle design that tempts the player to think about puzzle solutions in relation to time.

You play as the friendly alien Ո Օ Ո that warps through a portal after discovering a mysterious device fallen from the sky.
Unexpectedly you now need to find a way back to your home planet - some 600 billion light years across the local galaxy super cluster.


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So... I'm close. So close that I can taste it!

The game can now also be WISHLISTed on #Steam


2021 03 24 14 04

Looking back at all the blood, sweat and tears I've put into this has me trembling.

Reaching this point in game development is a one-of-a-kind experience that not all get to experience.
I'm both happy and relieved to get to this milestone. I'm proud of all the hard work I've put into this and can see that

I've truly created a long-lasting product I can look back at and think -"How on Earth did I produce all that alone?!"

Expect a DRM free release right after the release on Steam.

Thanks for your patience!

Getting closer to the goal

Getting closer to the goal


Update on the game progress so far. And my immediate thoughts on how crazy Indie Game Development have become.

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