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The agency is specialized in national security, it has a folder on every civilian and if one of them has too much holes in their file an agent will be deployed on the field to fill those holes.
You play as one of these agents who need to sneak inside a civilian's houses to grab information that cannot be intercept through a network connection.

« The target is well informed on how to hide personal information, how to encrypt communications and how to secure a room against unwelcome people. 3 good reasons for the agency to break inside that house.
So, get in, grab the more pieces of information you can and get out.
If the target makes a contact with you, the mission will be aborted and the agency will disavow any knowledge of your actions. »

Many objects contains information (cellphone, surveillance cameras, letters, computers, etc...) that will help you to make a complete profile.
To help you staying unseen, you are able to shut down any light or all of them using the circuit breakers. You can attract the target with multiple object in the house (microwave, alarm clock,
smoke detector, etc...).
But be careful, too much noise will put the target in a paranoid behaviour and could become dangerous.

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New floors


All the floors has been added to the level. So there is now the exterior (the garden), the basement, the 1st floor and the 2nd floor.
All the floors are positioned as layers because even if it's a 2D game I needed to be sure that the noise done by the player will make sense for the NPC in term of position. The switch floor system is finished so the npc will continue to live even if we don't see him, and seek to the noise from a different floor.

Next step is to add some props.

See you next update.


All different floors

Two new elements

Two new elements


Added two new elements. One to attract the target and the other one to inspect.

Roadmap prototype v3

Roadmap prototype v3


Here is what's planed for the next prototype, what is already done and what will be done or fixed in a later version.

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