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Attempt to survive your first bank heist! Befriend or betray your team of bank robbers, make difficult choices, survive, go insane, fall in love, and get rich if you can in No Proper Thief, where every choice you make has a consequence. You never wanted a life of crime, but it's all you know. That doesn't mean transitioning from a life as a cocky con artist to a greenhorn bank robber doesn't scare you. In No Proper Thief you are Clyde Lamm, the Rooster, and you have a choice to make. In fact, you have dozens of choices to make throughout your upcoming adventure. Everything has consequences, too. You and your team, consisting of the leader Zebra, the muscle Stag, and the heart Marlin, have many obstacles to overcome. Still, in the midst of all the dark chaos of the initial robbery, there is a flame of positivity: an attractive young bank manager. Sure you stole her gold heirloom ring a while back, but it's a fair trade because that fox is stealing your heart.

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NO PROPER THIEF – Available today on the Android, Amazon, iOS, and Chrome Web Store markets, the app offers users plenty of choices to choose from and outcomes to explore. An app that promotes reading and critical thinking to make it to the official end, as well as experimentation when in search of the three hidden insanity endings.

No Proper Thief (Screen Shots) No Proper Thief (Screen Shots)

As a reading based game, No Proper Thief encourages the vanishing pass time of reading. It’s a choose your own adventure style, with plenty of choices to be made, making it an interactive story. With plenty of ways to lose and only one way to officially win (if you could call it winning) it’s sure to keep players on the edge of their seats. If any one of the player’s four stats (Identity, Health, Trust, or Conscience) fall too low, it’s game over. After all, you can’t get away with a crime if everyone knows your face, if you bleed out, if your team turns on you thinking you’re a rat, or if you can’t live with an awful choice or choices you’ve made.

No Proper Thief (Screen Shots) No Proper Thief (Screen Shots)

Written in second-person, making the player the protagonist Clyde Lamm, No Proper Thief serves as a prequel to the ZebraFox Games upcoming project, BLAME, which will pick up where No Proper Thief leaves off, but over a different medium.

No Proper Thief Features:

  • 3 Hidden Insanity Endings
  • A Complete Story of Crime
  • A Full Cast of Characters
  • Achievements
  • Artwork by David Vincent Dorn
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Style
  • Dozens of Choice Junctions
  • Dozens of Ways to lose
  • Free Demo or $1.99 for the Full Version
  • Identity, Health, Trust, Conscience Stats
  • Second-person Narrative

No Proper Thief offers a free demo and is available in full for the price of $1.99.No Proper Thief is developed by ZebraFox Games in conjunction with Hosted Games. For more information and screenshots, please visit zebrafoxgames.com.

New Hosted Game! “No Proper Thief” by Russell J. Dorn

New Hosted Game! “No Proper Thief” by Russell J. Dorn


There’s a new game in our Hosted Games program ready for you to play!

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