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n`Jutsu is a fight&blast game based on the manga/anime Naruto. An immense mass of possible moves - accessible by all characters - allows the player to decide if he wants to respect the source material or not in fatal fights against other people. Goal is to create a game with an unlimited number of tactics combining different jutsus.

RSS Ninjas! Assemble! The first playable demo

Banzai! Finally a download on moddb! ...And it is autoupdating, you wont need any more downloads for a while :D

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4 handsigns, 6 models, 10 melee moves and 22 jutsus are waiting for tests.

get it here: Indiedb.com

check the howto thread to see all possible moves and jutsus so far: Indiedb.com

and maybe you gimme a bit feedback at the forum: Indiedb.com

And I still could need some help:
Modelers with experience in hl1 models and scripters/coders with openGL experience are more than welcome!

The following features are currently hardcoded in the engine and can not be removed for a while:
* Scouter&Powerlevel: health and chakra are basic values every other narutolike game would use anyways, the powerlevel is only visible but not influencing the gameplay, I use it as speed gauge to set the movementspeed of the chars :P
* Use attack 2 to perform Jutsus - to be changed to be used by using the blockkey instead* Aura and transform when taping/&doubletaping the Blockkey... only visible, but not influencing the gameplay
* Charging powerlevel&liferegeneration: charging wont do anything, but the regeneration will work, sorry
* glitchy melee: LBZ did never need a more detailed way to treat melee, it needs a few engineupdates till this will go from buttonsmashing to precise control

Well, please ignore these points for now we are aware that they cause people to think that its just a mod for LBZ and we will try to get this managed asap - the eninge coder and the arena9 team have real lives too, after all, making this is our hobby

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