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Nin is a 3D survival-adventure game set in the present day. It follows the life of an animate 90's key-chain plushie that takes refuge in a secluded shoebox. Experience realistic environments and brutal physics as the littlest ninja encounters problems of all shapes and sizes. Fans of Prince of Persia (1989), Resident Evil (1996), Twinsen's Odyssey (1997), and Toy Story (1995) will definitely appreciate what this game has to offer!

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Reaching a milestone and our journey so far with development.

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Hey everyone,

Happy belated new years from Vagabond Games! After three months of being on Steam Greenlight we
are proud and happy to announce that Nin has been Greenlit! We're very excited over this great news!

Graphics Overhaul

In terms of development we have made great strides to improve the game's graphics. Previously we used deferred lighting with dynamic shadows, but as the game's content increased performance steadily declined.


In order to address this issue we sought the use of lightmaps by using Unity's built-in Beast program. It not only rendered realistic shadows, but improved the game's performance as well.


Light Probes were then applied to keep consistent lighting for none static objects within the baked scene:

Finally we added bloom and lens flare effects to add a more vibrant ambiance:

We hope you like the new look of Nin. Please stay tuned for more news in the future!

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