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"Nightmare At The Lighthouse" is a game created by 2 ambitious amateur game developers sacrificing both their free time and resources in order to create an intense survival horror game capable of capturing the hearts and souls of their fellow survival horror game fans and brethren.
We started developing the game about a month ago. Basic FPS and horror elements were chosen to become the base of our first bloodcurdling adventure while the story-driven plot will keep most of the players on their toes as the blood and gore starts to finally make their appearance, guiding the poor unfortunate souls into the thralls of the unknown as the players strives to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and hopefully survive the monsters’ vicious attacks.

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Update 1


So we updated the game from 1st person view to 3rd person view.
Removed the cinematics and added gameplay cinematics that develop the story and of course let you play 100% of the story.
Updated the map of the island refixed all graphics.Fixed all subtitles.Added voices.
Refixed and adjust all jumpscares.Rewrite the story of the game to fill gaps for base story and back story of our main character.Updated inventory system.Updated picksystem.Refixed and optimized all codes for better performance

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