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In Neon Wars, it is you against the world!


ESC - Shop menu
ARROW KEYS - Move & aim
Z - Fire
X - Throwable
C - Special
V - Melee attack
Shift - Switch between weapons
Ctrl - Switch to stun gun

Defeat as many enemies as possible and level up to unlock weapons & gadgets, with the neon gathered from defeated enemies you can buy stuff at the store pause menu, depending on what difficulty you are playing you'll earn more or less neon from fallen enemies, defeating a boss means an instant push to the next level

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So I was developing Neon Wars for some time in 2017, I started on april of that year, around october 10th 2017 I released to the public the beta of Neon Wars, which honestly I found very pleasing, but I stopped deving on November 2017, when I began development of my other game Basis-9 War (which has been under development for almost non-stop periods of time), but I recently reopened the file to Neon Wars project, and I noticed it had many differences from the last beta, so I wanted to finish polishing it to release that version, which is the closest to how the game will actually be like when it's fully released, and here are the notes I did for the changes made to the game in that span of time:

Drawn & programmed GUI, aesthetic changes, fixed a sound bug of the megalaser, made small font bold so it is easily readable in smaller displays, added flash effect for boss & player death, rebalanced HP regeneration
Improved GUI, fixed a bug of the 6th boss, fixed enemy showroom button
Rebalanced some gameplay features, weapon's prices and fire rates, made some aesthetic changes to the shop, Beta v0.9.3 compiled but not for public release
Fixed a bug when the player died while in a bossfight, made some aesthetic changes, changed super laser bullet of guardian
Rebalanced some bosses
Did some changes to guide, super soldiers (boss 5) sprite remade, optimized lasers, changed 6th boss behaviour a little
Started programming settings menu, created line trail object
Drawn & programmed settings & back button, settings menu programmed, Improved GUI hp when it's below 0, programmed 4th boss second stage, which includes rocket launching, explosive lasers and a floating ability, tweaked shield ability usage, improved reflector performance, balanced 2nd boss, fixed some bugs
Fixed a flying enemy bug when the 2nd boss appeared, rebalanced Ray gun, improved max debris/blood particle system, fixed 1st boss shield bug, fixed bug that could make you have more than 100% accuracy if you reflected many bullets and they succesfully hit their enemies, thrown damaging items now award damage.
Programmed difficulty choosing screen, fixed a 1st boss big bug, fixed a design bug that made the game start again after finishing, guide changed a little bit, changed difficulties multiplier & programmed number of levels for every difficulty, fixed bugs
Added difficulty information, changed some difficulties multipliers, programmed enemie's AI for the difficulties, fixed a shop bug
Rebalanced Energy gun & Energy cannon, programmed vehicle's projectile reflection, fixed/improved bullet behaviour
Fixed a neon point trail bug, reduced mega walker bullets from 3 to one but augmented firerate by 33%, added a flash when it's legs de-attach & made it fire a directed rocket from time to time, made the underground trembler bounce once when it goes out of the ground.

--On 2019--

Began debuggin coming from porting the project to GM1.4, adapted logo title to say JAG instead of JG, kept debugging the enemy, player(and some extra bugs unrelated to porting), fixed most bugs, added special effect when the neon master begins to charge up it's special attack, made neon master to be only a body of smoke and no longer has a triangular like body, added quit to menu button to pause screen, added quit button to menu, improved traits upgrade menu, now hovering over a trait circle describes it, nerfed boss 5 soldiers, changed sprites of difficulty changer to arrows.

Added pictures of scenario, being able to choose which soon.

Added button to return to menu after going to choose difficulty, added text to notify a screenshot, added music and boss music, added music control in settings, capped maximum amount of debris, blood, and trail particles in the settings, now settings are saved to a file, compiled beta version 0.10.0 for public testing, uploaded to itch.io, IndieDB, GameJolt and game maker forums.

So basically, in short, I drew a GUI, added fonts, effects for some bosses, made some aestethic changes, reade sprites, made the settings menu, made difficulty selection screen, rebalanced some aspects of the gameplay, abilities, bosses and weapons, and of course, fixed MANY bugs.

And that's how Neon Wars got revived, I knew it would be, I just needed to wait for the appropiate time, and it did come at a time it should have.

Hope you enjoy the game!

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Neon Wars Beta v.0.10.0

Neon Wars Beta v.0.10.0


Neon Wars lives! After the last uploaded version (0.9.2 beta) released in 10/10/2017, more than a year ago! I kept developing the game for a little more...

Neon Wars Beta v0.9.2

Neon Wars Beta v0.9.2


A game about wiping out a bunch of neon-colored enemies, vehicles, and bosses!

LunarShuriken - - 1,293 comments

I'm interested...

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JohnAndrewsGames Creator
JohnAndrewsGames - - 3 comments

Hey! Glad you're interested in the project! Remember to give feedback and feel free to suggest anything you'd see fit to the game :)

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