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Take on the role of Karl Carbon, an ex-cop turned social worker charged with helping needy humans, hybrids and sentient machines AKA 'Silicanths'. Dishonorably discharged from the Coastlandia Police Department for disobeying an order to shoot an unarmed alter-human, Karl has been helping the poor and downtroddent get back on their feet at the Department of Sentient Services. Till one day a case goes horrible sideways and and Karl is drawn into a sordid conspiracy that could threaten the very fabric of Human-Robot-Hybrid civilization.

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Making of a Sky Palace
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Process shot for the making of a Neofeudal Sky-Palace. I don't have every single step here, such as the adding of all the minute decorative details that are becoming a signature feature of Neofeud. But you get the overall design process, and it is actually far more chaotic than it appears here.

For example, I routinely just start sketching out random ideas and throw them away into a "scrap heap", then later come back and mix and match various bits of art to see what works. I might have for example three different columns -- golden spiral, fluted marble, diamond-inlaid -- and just swap them in and out. Stuff gets thrown in, stretched, warped, torn up and only segments used, etc... It is not the most efficient process, probably, but I tend to always like the result when I just start moving jigsaw pieces around and something surprises. For example, the golden "Illuminati" pyramid started out just as a piece of random skyscraper that I started perspective-warping into a diamond shape. I liked the look, and eventually tried filtering it gold, flipping it upside down, and throwing about fifty hard lighting, additive, and other filters on it before settling on the final version.

In addition, it takes ages, EPOCHS to finish one of these and I do them in 3000+ resolution, so I like to get as much mileage out by reusing visuals by having a bird's-eye-view scene, then several other zoomed in ones. For example, a long shot of the palace itself as the flying cars/limousines are arriving for the REDACTED event and later a close-up when the REDACTED Princess is walking about in her garden maze / throwing gold coins about to the REDACTED, etc...

Anyway, that's a bit of insight into the [s]barely-contained insanity[/s] artistic process of yours truly.

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