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Lead your band of citizens through life from a small group of nomads beginning to settle down up until they eventually perish or are led to greatness. In the beginning you are given only 100 villagers and enough cattle to keep them alive. The time span of the game is set to encompass the years 3000 BC up to modern day.

The game itself puts you in place as the elder of these people in a text based game played in turns. The controls offered to you depends on your role in society as well as the amount of respect the people have for you. In the seat of power you are able to set priorities for your people to complete in their day to day lives from clearing the nearby forest to make room for a larger heard of cattle or exploring the land.

As time passes and your town develops it will learn new technologies that help it survive and possibly thrive into a large population. Eventually the growth of your town will be limited by the lack of resources in the nearby area and will only be able to expand through the use of another town. Once approval for a new town has been made a group of people willing to make a new home for themselves set off and claim new land as their own. Although this new town is created from your town and still believes you to be their proper leader a problem arises in how you are going to manage two towns with the current government and communication.Your control is strictly limited by your position in the game which starts being a elder of a village where you can only control one town. On creation of a new town you are given the option to select a representative of yourself to govern the new town. This new representative has his own personality and motives in life whether they be your personal servant or that their family is the only thing that matters to them and who they are impacts the town greatly. A loyal representative will send a messenger every so often or upon request about the recent events on their town or possibly requesting advice or aid in matters. As every character within the game will have their own desires and beliefs it becomes in your best interest to meet those desires or watch as their loyalty lowers towards you. If a town becomes to rebellious an uprising may occur to take you out of power. This can happen in a town you govern yourself or one that your representative rules over or it could be the representative himself and seeks independence.

To manage a larger civilization easier it is possible to reform the government system into something more manageable. Whether you are seen as a Warlord leading his people through military might or as a monarch watching over the many cities under you. The available government systems appear and disappear as they become appropriate and the idea becomes available to you.Technologies are not the typical "Civilization" Style where you set research goals and are given a bunch of new things instead all technologies are ideas of the people. Further along in time scientists will be creating most of these ideas themselves in the beginning it could be a farmer who realizes that cattle dung can be used to fertilize fields results are in more bountiful harvests. Ideas are also not static in the way they perform in that you may know how to do something but you still do it inefficiently and needs further ideas or improvements to get the most impact out of it.

The world is large and full of people who are not in your control and are also living on the lands. A town may be much bigger or smaller depending on how they themselves were run and have their own technological ideas. Some ideas such as fertilization can be learned immediately just by witnessing it in use while others such as construction would have to be investigated further. While being at peace or at war with another group of people greatly impacts the rate and which ideas you gain.

What kind of nation would you want to create and could you actually make it there?

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First Steps: Food and Growth


To secure the future of your little village the first priority is to keep food supplies high as well as maintaining a sustainable growth.

To start most of your food will be coming from a mix of gathering, hunting, farming, and the small heard of cattle you start with. Putting a lot of workers in into one source of food comes with its own set of risks and rewards. A people who spend most of their time hunting will becomes skilled hunters and in turn would make them strong warriors and pushing forward a more war themed culture. A over hunted location has the risk of reducing the supply of animals and devastate the results of your hunts and could cause famine among your people if you do not have a way to feed your people. Farming and cattle are the most stable sources of food but require plenty of space in order to feed all of your people. Expanding the area around your town can be difficult depending on your current location. A forested town will have to harvest the nearby trees in order to clear space but this will have negative effects on both your hunting and gathering. Crops as well as livestock are vulnerable to many disasters such as disease or wild animals on the search for food.

When the food supply drops too low people will begin to starve and start to look at their situation. As the elder you will have to find a solution before things get too bad and you are forced out of your position. You could allow the butcher of cattle for an immediate supply of food but this hurts the future supply of food from cattle from the drop in numbers. Butchering cattle can be necessary in situations where you receive a temporary drop in supply from a bad harvest or a failed hunt.

People who you do not give a job to either decide to work if they desire it or simply relax and enjoy their time. A relaxed villager is more likely to have children and increase the population which has to be carefully watched. If the population starts growing too fast it could become a problem to feed or house all of the people meaning they could become rebellious or they might leave in mass numbers. Keeping the growth at a slow stable rate allows children to enter the workforce while not having to worry about huge age disparities.

Your source of food is important to grow you population in order for them to fill the many jobs which we will go over next.

Alpha Testers

Alpha Testers


Looking for a private group of early alpha testers.

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