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"Make a game inspired by Myst." The development of MYHA started with this single rule during the Myst Game Jam of January, hosted on itch.io by Sophie Houlden. The game was created in more or less 10 days. The CSE (NASA equivalent) of planet Terra received a distress signal from their moon. A Tongolian cosmonaut is sent to space to investigate. When he arrives at destination, there is no distress beacon, there is noone around, except for a mysterious Black Cube. He takes it and... is suddenly teleported onto a small island, in a faraway world.

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I hesitated to give the rating of 8 for this game. I was going to give 7 instead, but then I thought that of good reasons to increase: it is totality free, and it was made in 10 days during the Myst Game Jam 2016 (yet the lifetime is correct, and some people would not hesitate to sell such a game!). My reason for lowering the note is mainly the outdated visuals, even if they also participate to the old-school Myst feeling, and the 360° panoramic views are welcome.
Anyway the whole game is good, immersive and has a strange atmosphere, and I really liked it.

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