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Mutant Gangland is a fast, neat and simple turn-based-strategy game where mutants fight robots . Build units, Conquer buildings and use them to Fund your army. Battles are short but the game packs 50 quick battles and a level editor to design your own maps.

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space_noodel says

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I really wanted to like this game. The graphics are great and everything looks pretty awesome. But there are some major design flaws and my first match was really not fun at all. I was stuck with one unit trapped in a corner for the last 10 turns of the match. There are some balance adjustments and perhaps even rule changes that need to be made. If so, I think this could be a great game! With TBS like this, any small change can have a huge effect resulting gameplay.


nickybshow says

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Game is awesome. Graphics are decent but the style and play of the game are good. Team keeps making improvements.


AnTi90d says

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