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Multilytheus is a difficult abstract first-person puzzle game about navigating and understanding space. Inspired equally by At a Distance, Metroid Prime, Corrypt, Half-Life, Doom, Super Mario 64, 2001: A Space Odyssey (which isn’t a game), and the artwork of Paul Klee (which are also not games), Multilytheus wants to reorient your perspective through an encounter with the unfamiliar. Multilytheus is a maze to be explored, and it won’t be easy to hold everything in your head. It’s as important to establish connections in your brain as it is between the corridors of Multilytheus if you mean to escape—if you think escape is a good goal to seek. Multilytheus started with a Maya file called "hallway.ma." As new rooms and the various paths between them were plotted out, the size of this file increased. The file, however, was never renamed, and all of Multilytheus continues to take place in one hallway, although it may appear to be a complex network of tubes.

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criptych says

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As a puzzle game, Multilytheus is *amazing*. It takes one easy-to-grasp mechanic - pattern-coded control boxes that manipulate the "lithoids" - and runs with it, turning what might have been a series of simple logic puzzles into a single enormous brain-twister. Trying to find just the right combination of positions, remembering that opening one passage may close another, learning the various routes through the complex... I was quickly reminded of the bizarre-yet-sensible puzzle logic of Antichamber. (Without the reality-warping, thank goodness.)

As a platformer, it impressed me slightly less. Mind you, platforming isn't the focus of the game, but rears its head often enough to be frustrating. Several times, once I had things set up to proceed to the next area, I'd slip off an edge or miss a jump, and had to start again from the beginning. On top of that, the slow walk speed made progress tedious, but holding down the run button (there doesn't appear to be an always-run option) quickly got tiring as well.

Finally, though I didn't drop any points for it, there appears to be a wall glitch somewhere in the final area (I'm not sure of the exact position), after which I fell through onto the landscape below and traipsed around looking for a high enough peak to re-enter the complex. On the positive side, I reached the end of the game without wracking my brain to solve the final puzzle... on the negative side, I reached the end of the game without wracking my brain to solve the final puzzle. Time to play it again, I guess.


BK-TN says

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A short, sweet and wonderfully strange experience. Very difficult to wrap your head around and well designed. Everything fits together in its own messy way.

The game has a few bugs related to sound - when enough clips were playing at once the sound began crackling when loud enough. Sometimes the clips get out of sync, this usually happens with the elevator cubes only.
Other than that, no major bugs or crashes. Runs smoothly, too!

Overall, I'd give this an 8 of 10. It's well worth the money if you're into puzzle games and exploration. If you're good enough you might find it a bit too short, though.


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