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What is Monster MMORPG ? Monster MMORPG is a free to play, browser based, full scale MMORPG game with development driven by our player base. Currently, the game is being developed by Furkan Gözükara (M.Sc.) with the help of volunteer players and artists. Check the credits for more information. The game started as a free online Pokemon MMORPG but was taken down for a period of time and converted into Monster MMORPG Version 1. We kept the Pokemon style game play, but are no longer infringing on Nintendo's copyright. While Nintendo drags its feet on making an online Pokemon MMORPG, we continue to add content and build onto the base of our game. We have since moved onto Version 2, with a cleaner interface, NPC challenges, and many more features on the way! The game is continually improving. If you are familiar with Pokemon style games, you will have no problem getting started in Monster MMORPG.

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Monster MMORPG formerly known as PokemonCraft is an online, browser based, no download or plugin required Pokemon Generation 3 games style indie video game which is being developed by a PhD candidate computer engineer Furkan Gözükara alone. The game has more than 1,800 unique monsters, 520 game maps, integrated chat system, live PvP system, market system that supports buy/sell/trade, advanced anti cheating mechanisms, fast game server, MonsterDex like Pokedex, pathfinding AI, and many more...

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Hello everyone. In this thread there will be fair introduction to the game Monster MMORPG.

---- Game url: Monstermmorpg.com

* Monster MMORPG is a totally free to play, no download or plugin required, browser based MMO RPG game. The game is similar to Pokemon generation 3 games. The game requires registration in order to play.

---- Register page: Monstermmorpg.com , Register page screenshot

* Registration is fairly simple. You pickup a username, type your password, type your email address (we require verification), choose your overworld sprite image (your character image when you are walking on the map), pick up your favorite starting monster. You can change your username 1 time for free from your control panel. Your email, password, overworld sprite and even your starting monster can be changed infinite times from your control panel for free. You can also setup your profile avatar from your control panel.

---- Control panel: Monstermmorpg.com , Control panel page screenshot

* The game screen is complicated at the beginning. There is map screen which shows your hero sprite and other players sprite. If you are familiar with Pokemon games it will be really easy for you to solve out. You can move on the map with keep pressing w,a,s,d or arrow keys on keyboard. Or you can use arrows on the game screen (this has another feature multiple step for faster moving).

---- Game main interface screenshot

* There are 3 types of enterable buildings in the game. First one is Monster Center (MC) which lets you to setup your monster team and heal your team. Once your all Monsters are fainted you will be teleported to last visited MC building gate. The second one is Monster Market (MM). MM lets you buy/sell items both at NPC and bazaar. Also you can buy/sell your monsters at the bazaar and trade your monsters with other players. There is no buy/sell monster feature at NPC. And the third one is Ancient Arenas. In Ancient Arenas you will fight with the strongest NPC of that particular zone to earn your badge. In order to enter these buildings you have to move forward to their gates.

---- Buildings screenshot , Manage monsters at your monster storage interface screenshot , A market page example buy monster from bazaar screenshot

* In order to catch wild monsters you have to move on the monster appearing areas. There are few different types of map surfaces that lets you battle with monsters. The most common one is grass areas. On grass surfaces you will encounter with wild monsters depending on that map appearing ratios. Once you encountered with a wild monster, you can either try to run away or battle. Running away depends on your team maximum speed monster and wild monster speed. If your team highest speed monster is slower than wild monster, you will be forced to battle. This rule doesn't apply rare class monsters in order to prevent macro usage. Also there is a rare chance you may enter battle even if you are faster once again in order to prevent cheating.

* The game has very detailed battle mechanics. There are numerous status effects such as burn, freeze, cripple and all works. A lot of item effects such as increasing critic hit rate, or causing burn with a chance. Also each captured monster is stored individually with total different 64 values such as its nature, abilities, private pet name given by the owner etc. These requires battle interface being complex too. But the game prints the every action in the battle interface so just being careful will let you to understand battle mechanics. You can catch only wild monsters. The NPCs monsters and other players monsters can not be caught. In order to catch you need to decrease wild monster HPs to certain percentages. Battle screen will print all the info you need. Once you caught the wild monster it will be sent to your team if your team monster count is lesser than 6. Otherwise they will be sent to your storage and you need to go to the Monster Center building in order to get it into your team.

---- Battle interface screenshot

* There are 7 different classes of Monsters (Regular, Superior, Starter, Emissary, Zenith, Legendary and Ancient). The weakest one are regular and strongest ones are Ancient. All monsters are obtainable on the maps expect starter monsters. Wild monsters and NPC trainers monsters stats are boosted according to the monsters classes. This makes game more challenging and requires coming up with strategies. The classes of monsters determines the total stat range, the ability pools of monsters and the moves of monsters. The game has 207 different abilities, 148 different natures. All monsters gets random 3 ability upon entering battle wild monster battle from their predefined ability pool and 1 random nature from the all nature pool.

---- Abilities: Monstermmorpg.com , Natures: Monstermmorpg.com

* All monsters also have individual training points (TP) and unique values (UV). Wild monsters always come with 0 TP points and TP points are earned upon each successive battles. They have upper and total limits which effects the stats of Monsters. Also UV values are determined upon entering wild monster battles and they never change after like nature and abilities of that certain monster. You can see all details of a wild monster while in the wild monster battle.

---- An individual monster detailed page screenshot (same for both tamed and wild monsters)

* Game has a very detailed Dex page which shows entries of all monsters. It provides a lot of sorting, filtering and searching features that makes your job easier. You can sort monsters by their total stats or how many there are of them in the game etc. You can filter them by their types, by the moves they know, by their class name basically anything you may need. You can also quickly have a peek of them with scrolling down. MonsterDex will be great source of information for you to understand monsters.

---- MonsterDex : Monstermmorpg.com , MonsterDex screenshot

* Each monster has its own Dex entry page. These pages shows all the information about monsters such as their individual base HP, Attack, Defense etc stats, their class, types, catch rate (this is about catching rates with monster boxes), level gain rate (about how many exp required for each level), base reward exp (about how many exp you will get upon defeating them in battles), avg level in game, how many in game, reward TP points (after defeating in battles), the concept and drawing artists, the moves they can learn (some moves can be purchased from market and can be thought) and they will learn (when level up), their ability pool and many more stuff. You can also see their transformation chain and their bigger artwork images.

---- Example monster page: Vesuverex-Monster-Dex-18 , Example monster page screenshot

* Each player profile pages are also visible to all members. Game provides a lot of different statistics about each member such as Monsters Total EXP, Monsters Total EXP Rank, Different Monsters Count, Different Monsters Count Rank, etc... You can also see their team monsters and the monsters they have in their storage.

---- Example profile page screenshot part 1 , Example profile page screenshot part 2

* Game also provides very detailed online players and search a player page with lots of filtering and sorting features.

---- Search a player page screenshot , Online players screenshot

* Game also provides a tool for you to calculate/play with monster builds. A unique stat calculator page. It is open to public and doesn't require login. You can load your individual monster as well.

---- Unique stat calculator page: Monstermmorpg.com

* The game is composed by 19 different zones and total 520 maps. Each of first 18 zones represents an elemental type in the game such as poison, grass, flying etc.. and the final one is named as mixed. Each zone has 3 cities and one of them are categorized as major city. Major cities do have battle arenas where you can battle with zone leader to earn ancient badge. Since the game maps are huge there some features to make players job easier. First one is precalculated path finding AI. All maps are coded in the database as positions and with a specially developed AI software, all coordinates map routes are calculated. What does this provide ? this provide instant calculation of shortest paths for players to move other maps. With hovering your mouse over to the tracks on the maps you can see where does those paths leads. But this is of course not enough. There are 2 map interface pages which lets you to search and have information about maps. They are like MonsterDex.

---- Zones : Monstermmorpg.com , Search a map : Monstermmorpg.com

---- Zones page screenshot , Search map page screenshot

* Each map also do have individual page which shows detail information about that map such as you can catch with monsters on which surface types or there are which NPC trainers gives which rewards etc. Checking out your current map details would help you greatly.

---- Individual map page example: Monstermmorpg.com , Individual map page screenshot part 1 , Individual map page screenshot part 2

* The game has got total 3000 moves but there is no MoveDex yet. However you can see move details from every page that you will need move information. There are 2 mechanical moves that is working on the maps. First one is Fly. Fly move allows you to quickly navigate between your previously visited maps. Caves and Monster Arenas are not flyable. Also in order to move through Fly zone on the clouds you need to have a monster in your team that knows Fly AI move.

* The second one is Hyper Surf. Having a monster in your team that knows Hyper Surf move will allow you to move on water areas. With this move you can also catch the monsters that appears with surfing.

* There are also 3 net items that allows you to fishing at the edges of water areas. You can purchase all these moves and items from market. There also MT (Mythical Tablet) moves that is sold at the market and can be taught to the monsters. You can teach moves from your my item page.

---- My items page: Monstermmorpg.com

* There are over 1000 NPC trainers on the maps and you can battle with them every 24 hours. Because of the massivness of NPC trainers there is a special NPC history tracking page which shows you detailed information about NPCs and your battle history for that day.

---- NPC battle tracking page : Monstermmorpg.com , NPC battle tracking page screenshot

* Monster MMORPG also has a fully working private messaging system that allow players to communicate in private. This system also integrated with market system so you can have information about your monsters on the market quickly. In addition to the PM system there is a chat panel that is integrated to the main game page. This chat panel supports 30+ different language channels. You have communication with other players publicly while playing the game. This increases the game social aspect. Chat screen also specially coded and supports top trainers raking system, players map location, and other stuff. You can block other players that you don't like at the chat.

---- PM system screenshot

* The top trainers ranking system also planned to provide most fair calculation for both new and older players. The rankings are refreshed each 24 hours since this process requires massive amount of database queries. Recalculation of all monster, battle stats etc.

---- Game also provides type chart table so you can see type effectiveness among monsters : Monstermmorpg.com

* Game also has another page that allows you to quickly navigate among monsters big thumbnails to find your favorite looking monsters. For example you like dog monsters and at this page you can quickly find the monsters that is a like dogs.

---- Monstermmorpg.com , Screenshot of this page

* You can setup your own unique avatar or pick from game avatar gallery : Monstermmorpg.com . There is also game banners page : www.monstermmorpg.com/Banners

* All game screenshots can be viewed from here : Monstermmorpg.com

* The tutorial aspect of the game is far from being complete or perfect but there are 3 good sources. The most quick ones are quick how to tutorial page and extended game play tutorial video. Also there are dedicated game forums which you can check to see FAQ and other threads.

---- Quick tutorial page : Monstermmorpg.com
Extended gameplay tutorial video a bit outdated right now : Youtube.com

* The transformation of monsters in your team done manually. You need to go your team page and click transformation button. However some monsters are only transformed to other stage with usage of items. These transformations are done from items page.

---- Your team page : Monstermmorpg.com , items page : Monstermmorpg.com

* The anti cheating mechanisms of the game aims fair game play. To achieve cheating free gaming platform in such an easily cheatable genre (browser games) there are different precautions. The game mechanics requires very advanced software development for cheating. Secondly there is in game security image precaution which doesn't bother players but prevents bot users. Third there is monster buy/sell/trade public history page which identifies black market cheaters.

---- Monster buy/sell/trade history page : Monstermmorpg.com

* Game also supports live PvP battles. You can offer a pvp battle to a player from player profile page, from chat screen quick link or from map screen hovering other player overworld image. Once you got PvP battle offer there will appear another badge on the game page screen that will notify you. PvP battles are also turn based and have auto refresh feature. There is also PvP battles leaderboard page

---- Pvp battles leaderboard : Monstermmorpg.com

* The game is mainly composed by volunteer contributors. There are over 60+ different artists who provided artworks to the game. Full credits list can be seen from credits page. There are total 1801 different unique monsters at the moment. However currently no more new monsters are being added to the game but current monsters are being revamped or replaced with better quality artworks. There is almost an update each week that improves the game. All volunteered contributions are accepted by the game development.

---- Credits page : Monstermmorpg.com

** Now i will write my humble Pros and Cons and my score for this game

Pros (+): Very advanced game mechanics, live PvP battles support, well planned top trainers ranking system, almost cheat free gaming experience, 1801 unique monsters, 520 unique maps, integrated chat system, PM system, market system, NPC system, badge system, huge content to discover and long term playing, no download not even flash player required to play, strong game servers, daily backups, good security, great potential for future

Cons (-): Very bad UI when compared to the game features, badly coded map movement system that feels lag there is lag, excessive amount of ads that bothers game playing, the game is far from being complete (like 15% complete right now), some of the monsters are very badly drawn, very complex interfaces and hard to understand at the beginning, lack of starting tutorials, lack of guild system, lack of game integrated pvp tournaments

* My final score is 6.8

* It has been already too long article but hopefully I was able to give some idea about the game. There are still a lot of things to discover and the rest is up to you. You can always contact me directly to ask questions. Either reply this thread or contact me via in game, email or skype.

My skype : MonsterMMORPG
In game pm : Monstermmorpg.com
Sending email : Monstermmorpg.com

* I will put some screenshots thumbnails now below for you to have quick idea and check.

---- Here few monsters

User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

---- Here few game maps

User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image

---- Here few gameplay screenshots

User Posted ImageUser Posted Image
User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

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