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Meet Dulcie the Moeblob, an aggregate of many tiny single-celled creatures called Dulcigutta amoena behaving as one.

She has lost her red balloon, her best and only companion in the world. It seems to have floated into a strange fortress that exists in two depths of reality: the gloriously True Colour World and the brightly-saturated Retro World. Dulcie will have to traverse both in order to find her latex buddy.

Moeblob Adventure ranked #58 out of 392 submissions in LOWREZJAM 2016.

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After getting a Mac Mini of my own and a whole lot of messing around, I have finally released a Mac build of Moeblob Adventure. You can download it from Gamejolt or itch.io. Hopefully it everything went OK and it would explode or something.

By the way, have you looked at Moeblob Adventure Expanded? It's the follow-up to this game; all further development to Moeblob Adventure had been moved to that project.

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