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The old, long-serving Knight Lord Braxia of Brightmore got his best years behind him. Bored with his pension, he's longing for another heroic journey to bring him some more fame - not to mention the thrill of an epic adventure. A series of events draws him right into one, triggered by the unimposing, yet evil Minion, a hyperactive demon of lower rank with a little inferiority complex. He wants to prove his worth, but due to some circumstances that have just little - very little to do with him, he relies on Lord Braxia to help him out. There's just one problem: who's seriously going to trust any Demon these modern days of an old age?

Playing as Minion, you'll need to find your ways through ancient dungeons and past mean, fluffy or completely meaningless foes, but always out of sight of the Knight who would otherwise immediately kill you. Still, you need to make sure that he reaches the places you want him to go to, through manipulating the environment or guiding foes into the right direction. Different height levels and a limited depth grant you flexibility in movement in order to stay out of sight.

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Project on hold

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When you start developing games as part of your game design studies, you have many benefits. First of all, timing is not as crucial as in a commercial production. But the real advantage is that you can use this time to be simply creative without worrying about financing, target group or monetization down the line.

When our team finished studies, we knew that going indie was what we really wanted to do. But when launching an actual company after such expensive studies, you quickly learn that the bootstrapping approach to your first game isn't really an option. Without monetary reserve, there's simply no way to cover your monthly costs. And who can seriously be creative with nothing in their stomach?

Thus, the next step for us was to go ahead and think about funding. In our country, that's the real challenge since most potential investors are extremely reluctant when it comes to computer games. Banks generally don't offer any financing for this type of media and venture capitalists quickly turn into a bag of hot air. Going the publisher way is usually not an option for start-ups, since they are generally deemed a too risky investment.

What remains is either crowdfunding or some sort of public funding. Here, we soon recognized that Minion simply would have been too expensive to make as a launch project, as it requires a large amount of content design to provide the variety needed to make it a rewarding experience.

As a result, we had to re-align our strategy and went back to the drawing board. The goal was to create a game concept that relied less on content design and would unfold its gameplay fun through its core game mechanics very quickly. Thus, we have launched a new project called "Spleemo & Gløb - Monster Defense", which will be our first commercial title. In this singleplayer or 2 player co-op game, players take control over two highly different characters in a non-linear tower defense game where the towers are living creatures in a crazed monster world.

Minion is not entirely off the table, though. We are still excited about the concept and would be happy to get back to the project at a later time. In the meanwhile, check out our new project, we'll have some announcements coming up soon!

Gamescom aftermath and music

Gamescom aftermath and music


A couple of weeks ago, we’ve shown off an early prototype build of Minion at gamescom. At the booth of Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences, visitors...

Introducing Minion

Introducing Minion

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This week has been the project kickstart for our indie platformer "Minion". I'd like to say hi to the community and introduce our project as well as the...


This game looks really interesting. I will be keeping track. Can't wait for a demo.

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Interesting concept! Will surely be looking out for this!

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Darth.Hunter Creator

Hi, thanks for stopping by! I've just added the profile this night, how did you get aware of it? Already seeing 6 watchers :)

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